WIP Wednesday: Spiral Leg Warmers

Introducing Stashbusting #24!


Spiral Rib Leg Warmers by the Purl Bee!! I had some Knit Picks Comfy Worsted in Lady Slipper calling my name from my stash. So in a fit of WIPitis I just had to start a project with it.


As the pattern is written for extra small to small, I cast on 68 stitches to upsize for my big girl legs. Otherwise I’m working the pattern as written. I have no idea what I will do with these. They aren’t practical but they are adorable and fun to knit. That’s all that matters right?

What’s on your needles this week?

And Tech Week Begins!

Tech week for Bachelorette is upon us!

We’ve moved into our performance space and had two good rehearsals. We have added liquids, costumes, and all our props! It’s exhausting and exciting at the same time! So we decided to let our hair down a little…




We may be tired but we are mighty! A beer or two goes also goes a long way to soothe frazzled nerves! Here’s hoping we break a few legs this week!

Happy Tuesday!

FO Friday: Stashbustin’ #23

Stashbustin’ #23 is complete!!



This yarn can be challenging but this time I was up for it!! This one skein wonder is just a simple stockinette blanket with a four stitch seed stitch border. Finished size turned out to be 27 inch by 27 inch square. I used 10 1/2 US needles for a nice tight gauge. For more details on the yarn and stitch instructions see my Ravelry project page.



This blanket is oh so soft and yummy to the touch.



So soft to the touch in fact that when my Mother found this blanket in my WIP basket last weekend she announced that she would LOVE a full sized afghan for her Christmas. She then proceeded to fondle the yarn and the blanket at every opportunity for the entire weekend. Do you know how long and frustrating such a project would be to this knitter? Insert forehead slap here…

I am sensing that I am not done working with this yarn. Has any knitter out there every worked with a pattern or project that vexed them just because a loved one of said knitter requested it?

Happy Knitting!!

WIP Wednesday: Stashbustin’ #22

Here is the progress on my Florelei shawl or Stashbustin’#22…..










Doesn’t look much different from last time you say? Oh well that’s because I HATE CHART B!! I am however Queen of Chart A! I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I know how to do all the stitches in Chart B, they are actually easy. But no matter how careful I am I seed to end up with stitch markers in the wrong places or the wrong number of total stitches at the end of the row after a couple of rows. The yarn overs seem to be giving me the hardest time.

What am I doing wrong? Lace can’t be this hard!!!

I love the photos of other people’s finished projects and the Cascade Sunseeker yarn is beyond yummy and gorgeous. Not to mention the yarn stands up well to frogging. I am not giving up on this project. I’m going to cull the collective wisdom of the blog world. Then I’m going to have a glass of wine (or twelve). Then this project is going to hibernate for a couple of weeks (I go into tech week for my play next week and won’t have time to knit anyway). Then…then I say I shall attack renewed!!

Any advice for a lace newbie?

Tuesday Pick Me Up

My special delivery from last Friday arrived at it’s destination this week….



Not exactly the use I had envisioned, but I guess a red/white/blue tutu can be an effective toupee, lol. And it definitely made this knitter’s heart swell to see someone enjoying my handiwork.  Just the pick me up I needed.  Albeit a strange one….

Only 3 months until Baby #2 arrives for the bald guy on the right and we can get a pic of the babies in the tutus, stay tuned!!!

Take Me Out To The Ballgame

Plaaaaaayyyy Ball!


The family and I made the trek to KC for a Royals game this past Friday. Such a wonderful ball field and we don’t completely suck this year!!


I want to say it was amazing family evening….but….it was 95 degrees in the shade with NO breeze. The game was sold out and we were packed in their like sardines. We were seated under middle deck and couldn’t see the whole scoreboard. My mother found the margarita stand, several times. My sister got a stomach ache from buck night hot dogs. And I sweat through my t-shirt and shorts. It was even too hot and crowded to knit!!

My husband was a trooper through it all! I love him do much 🙂


On the up side, we won 1-0!! And there were fireworks!!




Boy am I glad it’s Monday and I’m headed to an air conditioned office. Next year I vote we stay home and watch the game on the plasma in the a/c and make our own margaritas and hot dogs, lol!!!

Apple Tree Progress

My apple trees are coming along nicely. My summer apple tree is LOADED with fruit.





My fall apple tree has less fruit but still doing reasonably well in this heat and drought.




This fall apple tree has a great deal of worm invasion and other assorted bugs crawling on it. The summer apple tree also shows some bug sign but to a lesser degree. I did some internet research and found that the local extension office recommended Sevin, an all purpose big killer for fruit trees. But now I must decide to spray or not to spray. It’s a laborious process but would increase my fruit yield. And I would introducing chemicals to my fruit.

Anyone out there have any experience on this? All advice is welcome 🙂


A Dog and His Best Friend

Dex is addicted to his frisbee. But it’s a vehicle through which he gets lots of exercise and stimulation. Which keeps him happy and healthy. So for as many days as we can safely manage in this hot summer we take him for trips to the park in the evening.


The hubs is WAY better at throwing than I, but Dex doesn’t seem to mind. He hauls butt after it every throw near or far. He never mastered the art of slowing down upon approach and has the tendency to face plant or spin out when he bends to pick up the Frisbee at full speed. Even if he loses sight of it he sniffs out his “baby”! I think it’s his best friend.



He always knows where his precious frisbee is at all times. And would sleep with it if we let him, lol. And when he is done fetching at the park he takes his toy and sits at the car and waits for us to take him home.


Subtle right? I think he may be a bit spoiled, we have created a monster!

I hope everyone has a peaceful Sunday! I’m off to get a little knitting done and then on to rehearsal!!