FO Friday: Stashbustin’ #23

Stashbustin’ #23 is complete!!



This yarn can be challenging but this time I was up for it!! This one skein wonder is just a simple stockinette blanket with a four stitch seed stitch border. Finished size turned out to be 27 inch by 27 inch square. I used 10 1/2 US needles for a nice tight gauge. For more details on the yarn and stitch instructions see my Ravelry project page.



This blanket is oh so soft and yummy to the touch.



So soft to the touch in fact that when my Mother found this blanket in my WIP basket last weekend she announced that she would LOVE a full sized afghan for her Christmas. She then proceeded to fondle the yarn and the blanket at every opportunity for the entire weekend. Do you know how long and frustrating such a project would be to this knitter? Insert forehead slap here…

I am sensing that I am not done working with this yarn. Has any knitter out there every worked with a pattern or project that vexed them just because a loved one of said knitter requested it?

Happy Knitting!!

3 thoughts on “FO Friday: Stashbustin’ #23

  1. I have worked in colors I don’t like for a loved one, but I don’t think I could stand to make a whole blanket I don’t like, no matter how much I loved the person! Blankets are endless!

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