Ready For The Fluffy Decreases

I have added the third and last color block in my Fluffy Sockhead Slouch hat and I’m ready to start the crown decreases! It really didn’t t take that long to finish the main portion of this hat after getting the latest color of suri alpaca yarn added. There is a big difference in color but I really like the contrast.

I’m loosely following the Sockhead Slouch pattern by Kelly McClure. I am not doing the full prescribed length of the pattern. I have been trying this hat on and I am shooting for a small amount of slouch instead of the prescribed extra slouch. The fabric is super super soft and this has been really zen knitting wise. The decreases really shouldn’t take that long and I’m excited to get another FO under my belt during this time of self isolation.

I wish you love, light and a big hug from my little corner of the world! Happy Knitting!!

Dusting Off The Sewing Machine

After Jellybean received his big boy he also requested * “soft fings” to snuggle with. I dug around in extremely dusty fabric stash boxes and came up with some fleece remnants and end of bolt pieces.

I let him pick a couple fabrics and let him be part of the sewing process. (Aka watch the machine and hand me stuff). In the end we had two pillow cases and two snuggle blankets. They are FAR from perfect or even but they are soft and made my child happy.

I really haven’t had the urge to sew at all since Jellybean was born. Like at all. It was nice to flex some different crafty muscles!

*Note: the presence of softies did not improve the duration or quality of said child’s sleep….this momma is still very tired…..

FO Friday: Sophisticate

Its finally done, buttons on, and tag sewn in! 2013 Stashbustin’ #38 is complete! This officially completes all my (non-hybernating) WIPs from 2013. I feel a great weight lifted off my shoulders!

Pattern: Sophisticate by Linden Down

Size: Medium (I should have made the large)

Needles: US 8

Yarn: Caron Simpy Soft in grey

I used 1,043 yards of yarn or 562 grams. That is about 3.31 skeins of the 6oz Caron Simply Soft.



I worked on this project on and off for several months. I should have finished waaaaay faster. But I chose to savor the process and the soothing stockinette.


I love it open or all buttoned up. (Sorry for no modeled pictures….the husband has been working overtime and therefore is unavailable to help me photograph my projects while the light is good.)



The buttons are my favorite. I found some plastic buttons that look like wooden/brushed buttons in a coordinated grey tone.



I highly recommend this pattern to all knitters! It’s a paid pattern but so worth the money! It’s creative, yet simple. And the instructions are very clear….trust me, that’s not always the case!

Happy Knitting!

FO Friday: Honey Cowl

Tah Dah! My Honey Cowl is done!!




I cast on the intermediate size, or 160 stitches. And I used Patons Silk Bamboo blend on my new Knit Picks Options Interchangeable circular needles.




The honey cowl is one of my go-to/easy cowls. It’s always beautiful and immensely easy to memorize. Great movie and tv knitting. I used size 8 US needles. I used 102 yards of each color and my FO weighs 130 grams. The finished cowl is 34 inches in circumference by 7 inches tall.

The silk blend has a lovely drape and sheen to it. It’s just baby butt soft against my neck. And the two colors blend well together. Even the WS has a unique beauty to it. This is Stashbustin’ Project #43 for anyone keeping score.



I can just barely double it and wear it around my neck. This would not be a cowl for when I don’t want to mess up my hair. But on a blustery day this would certainly keep out the chill. I apologies for the model-less indoor photos. It’s winter and I’m at work during the daylight. So this is what I got, lol.



TGIF and Happy Knitting!

FO Friday: Stashbustin’ #23

Stashbustin’ #23 is complete!!



This yarn can be challenging but this time I was up for it!! This one skein wonder is just a simple stockinette blanket with a four stitch seed stitch border. Finished size turned out to be 27 inch by 27 inch square. I used 10 1/2 US needles for a nice tight gauge. For more details on the yarn and stitch instructions see my Ravelry project page.



This blanket is oh so soft and yummy to the touch.



So soft to the touch in fact that when my Mother found this blanket in my WIP basket last weekend she announced that she would LOVE a full sized afghan for her Christmas. She then proceeded to fondle the yarn and the blanket at every opportunity for the entire weekend. Do you know how long and frustrating such a project would be to this knitter? Insert forehead slap here…

I am sensing that I am not done working with this yarn. Has any knitter out there every worked with a pattern or project that vexed them just because a loved one of said knitter requested it?

Happy Knitting!!

WIP Wednesday: Stashbustin’ #15

In the home stretch on my Ombré Billow Blanket! (Stashbustin’ #15)


I started my second to last color stripe this past weekend! Billow is such a soft and cozy fiber it’s addicting to knit with. I keep finding myself thinking “just one more row” at 10:30 or 11 at night, lol.


I have noticed that this yarn sheds a bit as my pants are covered in yarny fluff. To be fair this blanket is very large at this point and is a BIG pile on my lap as I work. I have three of my Denise Interchangeables cable strung together to accommodate all my stitches. I still love this yarn and imagine a good soak will get the lions share if the fluff off when I’m done.

I CANNOT wait to show this off when I’m done! Maybe this next week!?!? Too soon to tell…

Happy Knitting!

Stashbustin’ #15 Update: Ombré Billow Blanket

Stashbustin’ #15 update!!! My Ombre Billow Blanket is definitely coming along….


I’m on my second color change. I have completed Natural and Willow. Now I’m on to Cornmeal. This blanket just keeps growing and growing. I’ve had to add an extension cable to my Denise Interchangeables to accommodate all the stitches. This blanket has been living on my bedside table and has been my bedtime meditation knitting. The pattern is memorized now and just keeps going round and round and round.


This yarn is just SOOOO soft I can’t stop petting it. I can’t wait to see how it finishes up. The ombre is proving not to disappoint. But I admit I’ll be a little sad when it’s done because it’s a dream to work with. I love the thick/thin texture.

Happy Monday and Happy Knitting!!!

FO Friday: Stylish Square Blanket


Stashbustin’ #13 is complete!!

Please excuse the unwashed and unblocked photos. I finished this just in time to pack it in a box for our move. I LOVE Knit Picks Biggo, it’s soft and wooly but easy to care for. Big yarn on big needles always make this yarn fly by.

The golden color also helped me feel a little more spring like as it has snowed yet again in Kansas. It’s May now….we should be sweating our butts off!


This was a very elegant design with easy to follow instructions. I made one change, I worked a total of six rows and five columns instead of the recommended five and five. I had enough yarn so I just kept going. It was a stashbustin’ project after all!! My Rav notes are here.

I’m off to prepare for another theater performance and put my big girl undies and try hard pants on for our big move tomorrow! Wish me luck!!

Happy Knitting!

WIP Wednesday: Stylish Square Blanket


Stashbustin’ #13update!!

I love bulky yarn in big needles. I feel like these projects practically fly off my needles. Just the knitting mojo I needed lately. I’m almost through my fifth hank. I will most definitely need to use six, but I have seven just in case.


This Knit Picks Biggo is so super soft and squishy. The golden color way has really buoyed my mood this past week when it’s been pretty bleak outside. And Susan’s pattern is as beautiful as it is simple. Right yarn, right project, and right mood!

I almost guarantee this project to be done by the weekend! Stay tuned…

Happy Knitting!

FO Friday: Simple Stockinette Blanket


I’m finished with Stashbustin’ #9. This was one of my less than enjoyable knitting projects. I started here, then changed course here, finally made at least some progress here, and thus leaving me utterly done with this project!

It really did need a third skein of yarn. But I just couldn’t bare the thought of continuing to work on this blanket, so I just cast off.


I ended up with roughly a 55 inch long by 32 inch wide strip of knitting. I’m thinking lap blanket??? Who the heck knows…


Folded in half it makes two appropriately sized baby blankets. Maybe I should get a pillow insert and seam around it for a pillow cover?


I did learn a few things from this experience:

A) Always check gauge or risk ending up with a wonky size

B) I learned how I need to treat chenille for both maximum stitch definition and fabric quality

C) I should listen to my mother

I WILL work with this yarn again. I just need a better game plan next time! But now this project is done and I can focus on my raglan cardi.

TGIF and Happy Knitting!!