Dusting Off The Sewing Machine

After Jellybean received his big boy he also requested * “soft fings” to snuggle with. I dug around in extremely dusty fabric stash boxes and came up with some fleece remnants and end of bolt pieces.

I let him pick a couple fabrics and let him be part of the sewing process. (Aka watch the machine and hand me stuff). In the end we had two pillow cases and two snuggle blankets. They are FAR from perfect or even but they are soft and made my child happy.

I really haven’t had the urge to sew at all since Jellybean was born. Like at all. It was nice to flex some different crafty muscles!

*Note: the presence of softies did not improve the duration or quality of said child’s sleep….this momma is still very tired…..

6 thoughts on “Dusting Off The Sewing Machine

  1. I really like sewing things on the machine, but I also haven’t really felt the pull lately… but at least your little one will be cozy while he sleeps! Hopefully he gets through the nights soon.

  2. My husband would tell me our oldest would get out of her new big girl bed and go in the kitchen and play with pots and pans. I never woke up! After I stopped nursing, my mom radar turned off at night. I guess it was now HIS turn to get up with baby!!

  3. I think it’s great you had a reason to dust off the machine and make a few things for your little guy. Having him “help” by choosing fabrics and hand you stuff made me smile. I remember doing those kinds of things when my mom made things for us when we were kids.
    I hope he gets used to his new bed soon and that you get some sleep!

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