(Almost) FO Friday: Happy Socks

Happy Sock number one is done!!


As weird as it looked off the needles, it sure fits like a dream! And has anyone else done that special brand of yoga that is photographing your own foot? I almost fell out of my chair, lol!

Now I just need to start sock #2. If Jellybean will take a good nap today then that just might happen!

Happy knitting!

WIP Wednesday: Happy Socks


The heel is in place and I’m working up the leg. I do find this odd to look at with the stockinette foot looking so large and the ribbed leg so skinny. But it should hug my foot like a dream!

My only question is how far to work up the leg. I had intended to use up all my yarn. But I have knit a quite a bit and still have a healthy ball left. How long is too long? I have very manly athletic calves and don’t want the socks too tight even with the ribbing.

Looking at this I got all excited about being almost done when I realized I STILL HAVE TO KNIT SOCK #2! And I really want to be done so I can start my rainbow socks!

Must. Keep. Knitting!

Jellybean On The Move

This little stinker is rolling everywhere!! (yes he’s eating the sweater I made him, sigh. At least he likes it!)


So with the help of grandpa and dad, our house is getting a safety check!


No more scary stairs. Gates have been purchased. All the scary cabinets are locked. All harmful things have been moved to the garage or basement. And a lovely squishy new rug for crawling is on its way.


Anything and everything for my little man ❤️

What’s On My Needles #4

My Happy Feet socks are well on their way!


I’m doing a modified vanilla sock with afterthought heel. (These are a little farther on than the photo above.) I really want to maximize the yardage out of this yarn. I weighed ball #2 and knit the afterthought heel on sock #1. Then reweighed ball #2 after the heel was done to find it took 4 grams of yarn. Now I’m free to knit the leg of sock #1 until I have 4-5 grams of yarn left for heel #2. I feel pretty smart and really hopes this doesn’t bite me later…

I’m trusting on good fortune from the yarn gods!

Happy Knitting!!

Husband Socks: Update

By golly man sized socks take forever! I started these babies way back here. And I’ve made some progress.

The first sock looks like this:


That six inches of K3,P1 rib-y goodness. All across 80 freaking awesome stitches. The second sock only got this far:


Most of the toe increases done (I think). This project lives in my breast pump bag and I knit a few stitches as I listen to music and make lunch for Jellybean. I’m not going to break a speed record but a few stitches here and there will eventually a pair of socks make!

Ps. I hate the my spell check keeps trying to correct sock to sick, grr!

Happy Knitting!

An Urgent Request

This not a knitting post but a personal one. More of a plea really. A friend is in trouble and needs help. This is my only avenue to reach any many people as possible! And I just feel helpless so I have to do something.

This is Greg Garcia and he’s been missing since Feb 15th from the Kansas City Mo area. His family is desperately seeking him as his health is poor.




This man is a talented actor, genius photographer, and sweet soul. I know most of my readers aren’t in the Kansas area but just in case you are, please keep a look out!

Please message me if you have any info. The family has filed missing persons reports and hired a private investigator. So many people are missing this guy I just wanted to do my part.

And now back to knitting posts…

Bulky Projects Go Fast Right?

During my bout with the flu I felt the urge for something warm and bulky. That urge led to this…


The start of the yoke of a second Shalom Cardigan. I had some lovely softness aka Knit Picks Biggo yarn in my stash. At first I thought it wanted to be a blanket but the yarn whispered and I listened. So a sweater it was! I’m going to be close on yardage so it might be a little more cropped than my first. But since its worn over a tank or tee anyway, who cares!?

In the interest of full disclosure the sweater is not any further along than this photo. I worked on it in between feverish naps and haven’t picked it up after I got to feeling better. But it’s bulky yarn so it should just fly off my needles right?

What do you knit when you don’t feel good?

A Plague Upon Our House

Having a tiny germ collecting human had yet again caught up with me. This past week has had me down with the flu. The honest to god fever, chills, body aches, coughing, snotty flu, I….was….miserable! Taking care of a 4 1/2 month old jellybean who simultaneously decided not to sleep for more than three hours at a stretch was all I could manage. I literally did not knit a stitch for 7 days and didn’t leave the house for 5.

The flu is no joke this year! And I even got the flu shot but I hear it wasn’t terribly effective this go round. Thankfully jellybean only got a runny nose and wee cough. Thank god for breastmilk antibodies! So hopefully next week will bring me back to my fiber adventures. (Grandma and Grandpa are coming for the weekend…hallelujah! This momma needs a nap.)

I hope everyone else is in good health!