Dogs Are The Best

While I was at the hospital with my mom my family was home with my mom’s two dogs. The Shih Tzu named Bubba was OBSESSED with being in Jellybean’s room. He is accustomed to sleeping on the floor of my parents room and I think he was missing his humans.

I came home from the hospital to find this….Jellybean fast asleep and Bubba keeping watch.

Dogs really are the best.

P.S. Today Jellybean is officially five and I just don’t understand how that is possible. Wasn’t he just a toddler like yesterday?

A Curveball

Knitting today has been postponed on account of dog cuddles. Dex got a raging ear infection and ensuing swelling from head shaking required minor surgery on his ears. Doc got him all cleaned up and it’s healing nicely but I’m putting down the needles to cuddle my fur baby!


Ps. He hates the ear sleeve……

A Dogs Life


We took Dex to the local dog day care for a day (I know we are now spoiling him rotten) as a reward for being a good fur brother to Jellybean. He LOVES it and came home so exhausted he almost fell sleep sitting up. I guess learning to doggy slide is hard work!

Oh how I wish I could have watched him play! What do you do to spoil your fur babies?

A Little Dog Humor

My fur babies are TERRIBLE beggars when it comes to snacks and people food. (As an aside they only get healthy dog friendly bits like carrots, broccoli, apples, lean meats, etc.) If they behave and perform their obedience commands I save the last bits to share with them.

I usually get this right up in my face…


And this is what you get when you command him to back up and lay down…


Pathetic right?

Puppy 911…Or So We Thought

To be clear this is not an April Fools joke….but it sure felt like it at the time!

The hubby and I have two very happy and (knock on wood) healthy pets, Dex and Chloe. Chloe is a six year old King Charles Cavalier Spaniel. She has a minor heart murmur that is under control with exercise and healthy diet. Then we have Dex, a five year old yellow lab that aside from some digestive issues after licking grill goo is very healthy. Until last week…

While visiting my parents Dex developed soreness/pain while jumping up and down from surfaces. He yelped/cried when he tried. Not finding any outward signs of injury we kept him quiet for a few days to ease what we thought was probably a pulled muscle. And for most of the week he continued to show no interest in jumping up and down off the couch or bed. He did absolutely fine running, eating, drinking, and playing.  Then last Saturday came…

After having their supper and evening constitutional the pups settled in for their naps. I took up residence on the couch to catch up on my DVR. I turned around to see my lab hunched on his back haunches, ears laid back, and shaking visibly on his pet bed. To say I freaked out is an understatement…I yelled for my husband who came running. Dex didn’t want to stand or move his back legs. They were stiff and shaking. My husband had to carry all 90 pounds of him to our car to take him to the Emergency clinic down the road.

Upon reaching the clinic and getting settled into the exam room, our dog for no apparent reason began acting normally again. The (very sweet and lovely vet) examined him and found no muscle, skeletal, or neurological issues. So 15 minutes and $100 later we walk out of the clinic with doggy NSAID pain relievers and orders to keep him calm for a week.

I was half mad at myself for freaking out and half relieved that nothing serious was wrong. After five years of doggy ownership, this was our first “emergency”. And it scared the crap out of me. Lord help my husband and I when we have human kids, lol.

Have you ever had a puppy false alarm? How did you handle it?

20140330-135717.jpg(This is Dex’s sad face because he can’t go for walks or play Frisbee for a week)


Art Update

My mom brought me some art to fill up the blank wall in our living room! She works at an antique shop a couple of days a week and found this tin stamped art piece.It had all the colors of our main living area: red, brown, tan, and green. I paired it with a rustic Live, Laugh, Love sign from Hobby Lobby. Not bad if I do say so myself!



I was also recently in a Marshal’s looking for a few last Christmas presents for my in-laws and I found this…



This now hangs in my office next to the closet where we keep our dog food and other puppy paraphernalia. It was SUPER cheap thanks to a few imperfections on the print. But I don’t care, it totally expresses how I feel about my fur children!

Happy Saturday! I’m off to the gym to work off my Thanksgiving dinner….ugh….

Sometimes You Just Need Ice Cream!

It’s hot….like really hot here in Kansas right now. And sometimes you just need ice cream. So the husband and I hit a local Sheridan’s for some custard. We let Chloe lick that last of the goodies from one of our cup.

I gotta give her points for both enthusiasm and perseverance!! She managed to get all the way to the bottom, lol.





Dex mean while had his taste and decided to sleep through the heat, lol.



It’s a hard knock life for dogs in this house!

A Dog and His Best Friend

Dex is addicted to his frisbee. But it’s a vehicle through which he gets lots of exercise and stimulation. Which keeps him happy and healthy. So for as many days as we can safely manage in this hot summer we take him for trips to the park in the evening.


The hubs is WAY better at throwing than I, but Dex doesn’t seem to mind. He hauls butt after it every throw near or far. He never mastered the art of slowing down upon approach and has the tendency to face plant or spin out when he bends to pick up the Frisbee at full speed. Even if he loses sight of it he sniffs out his “baby”! I think it’s his best friend.



He always knows where his precious frisbee is at all times. And would sleep with it if we let him, lol. And when he is done fetching at the park he takes his toy and sits at the car and waits for us to take him home.


Subtle right? I think he may be a bit spoiled, we have created a monster!

I hope everyone has a peaceful Sunday! I’m off to get a little knitting done and then on to rehearsal!!