I am finally getting back into the swing of knitting mostly because my busy schedule has slowed down.

I have made progress on my knit shrug, about another 3 inches. I have also knocked out a handful of kitchen scrubbies for my mom’s craft fair next Tuesday. Both of which I have packed for our weekend travels!


(100% cotton worsted and tulle cut into strips knit together on US 8s with a seed stitch design)

We are headed to the husband’s 10 yr high school reunion, Go Bears!! I finished two scrubbies in the car when I realized I didn’t have a tapestry needle!! A search of my bag was fruitless, all I found was a bobby pin. So I improvised…


A bobby pin makes a needle in a pinch if your price is “open” enough (which mine was). And tah Dah!


I’ll be busy most of the weekend, so ill see everyone on the other side! I finished Needles and Pearls by Gil McNeil this week and hope to have a review up next week!

Happy Knitting!

Books about knitting: The Knitting Circle

I love to knit and I love all kinds of books about knitting. Due to my recent busy schedule I haven’t gotten much knitting done, so I settled for reading about it.

I recently picked up The Knitting Circle on Amazon. This delightful book was written by Ann Hood. It’s a book about loss and the power if knitting. Though the book caries a sad theme, if you read deep enough you can see how the rhythmic process of knitting can help to heal all kinds of wounds. Not to mention having a great group of friends to lean on!

I read that in 2011 this book was rumored to be in production with Katherine Heigl to be a movie. I would be first in line to see that movie if it ever gets made!

I highly recommend this book to knitters if all ages, genders, races, and skill levels! This is a book that will definitely stay on my shelf!!

I have moved on to my next book, The Beach Street Knitting Society and Yarn Club by Gil McNeil.


And yes, I realize that I accidentally color coordinated my current baby blanket with this book, ha!

Happy Knitting!! (And reading)

Technology: Why I love my iPhone

I have never been much of “techie” having learned to knit because my boyfriend (now husband) played video games and I needed a hobby that didn’t require electricity! I have never been very concerned about my phone, really only needing texting and calling. About a year ago the husband got us both iPhone and slowly I have become addicted without every realizing it. Today I posted a blog entry about a novel I read and looking back the entire thing was due to my iPhone. I found out about the author and her book give away due to a blog post I read on my iPhone, downloaded said book to the Kindle app on my iPhone, logged the book on my GoodReads book app, and posted a review of said novel via the WordPress app on my iPhone. 

At dinner tonight I mentioned this to my husband and we began to discuss how technology infiltrates our lives. Technology has even invaded my knitting sphere. I now:

  • keep up my Facebook fan page from an app on my iPhone
  • track my knitting project on Ravelry (I also have the Wooly app)
  • receive and read emails from my knitting email address
  • track all the delightful books I read about knitting on my Goodreads app
  • publish blog posts about my knitting/reading/crazy life on my WordPress app
  • follow knitting pin and boards on Pinterest
  • post pictures of my knitting adventures on Instagram
  • tweet progress of my projects and follow other knitters for cool deals and awesome photos

Having access to all that at my fingertips has let me get more in touch with my projects. It’s allowed me to expand my knitting skill set and be challenged and encouraged by others. I admit I am a self-proclaimed organization-a-holic. Being able to organize my life inside one tiny device and carry with it with me everywhere is intoxicating. But I always force myself to detach from my phone and “unplug” for awhile just to make sure I don’t get addicted. That’s what knitting is for right?

I guess the morale of my story is that we must embrace technology in the way it enhances our lives. But we must stay mindful that it doesn’t consume our lives. 

Review: Cheer, a novel

I was thrilled to win a free copy of Cheer, a novel from Leslie over at More With Les!

I had several books in my queue and it took a couple of weeks to get to Cheer. But once I started reading, I couldn’t stop. (Don’t worry…I promise no spoilers!) I had a digital copy on my kindle so I could take it every where.

The books is both uplifting and heart wrenching at the same time. I loved getting hear from all three main characters points of view as the story unfolded. The content was extremely relevant to society today. I highly recommend this read. I would just maybe not read this on a rainy day.

Look forward to hearing more from this author! Thanks for sharing Leslie!

Knitting Disaster

I am always knitting something and to be brutally honest I am usually knitting many projects at once. Lately I have been churning and burning items for my booths at a fall and winter craft sales coming in November and December. It’s been daunting lately and I felt a strong pull to make something special, just for myself.
I made a quick swing through the yarn store and picked up some luxurious (and expensive) yarn. I studied patterns and picked a super sweet shrug design that would be perfect for fall. And with that I was off to the races!
I had just grafted my second hank of yarn on the first and had about 10 inches complete……then disaster struck! I had purchased Denise Interchangeables early this year and I had used the crap of the larger needles. This was my first project with the US 5 size. I went to push the work down off the needle onto the cord so i could turn to start the next row and SNAP! The needle broke right above where it attached to the cord!



I gasp do loudly that my husband came to see what was wrong from the room. I had dropped about 25 sts across and 2 rows down. This was 15 minutes before I had to walk out the door for a performance at the local theatre. I wanted to cry and scream at the same time! I knew I didn’t have any other 5s on hand do I grabbed a set of US 6s and carefully picked up the loose stitches so I didn’t lose any more work and then ran out the door.


The next day I swung by Joann’s and picked up some Boye’s metal US 6 29 inch circs. I very carefully frogged my piece back off the broken 5s and temporary 6s onto the new 5s. Took me over an hour, but by golly I got it fixed. A quick count told me I still had all 216 sts! I am now halfway done 🙂


I know knitting disasters happen to knitters of all levels and I am better for it. I didn’t panic and frog the whole thing and I’m calling that a win! This will be a sweater to remember!

I am also contacting Denise about a replacement needle. I know the needles are low end plastic…but they structurally failed on the first project! All the larger sizes have performed beautifully and I had been very happy with my set. Time will tell…

Happy Knitting to all!

Literary Adventure

I got an unexpected call from a friend today and she asked if I was up for a literary adventure.

The local public library had their annual “friends of the library” book sale this weekend. Today was the closing day and for $5 you could fill a brown paper bag with as many books would fit! I LOVE BOOKS! Even though the tables were pretty picked through I scored mysteries, history, cook books, and some children’s books for my sister’s first grade classroom!!

Here is the haul!


I plan on donating most of these to my hometown library when I am done reading. I like to think of it as good book karma 🙂

Ps…this trip was much needed therapy after a terrible knitting mishap yesterday. I hope to have the strength to blog about it sometime this week, sigh.

Now I need to get to the homemade Beef n Noodles waiting for me on the stove…..

Saturday mornings

I drag my butt outta bed every Saturday morning to the most amazing and punishing workout.

Afterwards, I’M STARVING! Even when I eat before, sigh. Today my hunger inspired me to make an impromptu brunch snack….Cinnamon Chocolate Whole Wheat French Toast!

1 large egg
1 tsp sugar or sugar substitute
1/2 tsp cinnamon
2 tsp protein powder (I used chocolate whey powder from Kroger)
Splash of slim milk
1 whole wheat hot dog bun (or whatever whole wheat bun or bread you have, I only had hot dog buns lol)
Sugar free syrup

Whisk together egg, sugar, cinnamon, protein powder, and milk. Mix well to dissolve powder! Dip bread into mix and cook in skillet on medium heat. Cook both sides and serve with your choice of syrup!!


Quick and easy whole grain high protein snack!! Sorry for the photo…my toast “caramelized” a bit too much, but trust me it’s delicious!!!!

Happy Saturday!

Rhythm of the needles

There is something so special about the rhythm of your knitting needles as the form row after row of neat stitches. This is compounded by the sound of gentle rain against the house. After a long day of work I can literally feel the stress release with every relaxing stitch.

Who can argue with this view? And not to mention finally some rain to ease the drought we’ve been having!


Tonight is for quality movie time with the hubs and leftovers from last nights cooking adventure. Ok and maybe some or a lot of knitting 🙂

However not all members of our house are as excited about the rain….

No trips to the park today buddy, maybe tomorrow.

WIP Wednesday

Knitting is my meditation and I need it more than ever today!

I got to stop in Wildflower Knits & Yarn on Saturday and I’ve felt like making something for myself for a change. So I picked up some Berroco Vintage DK in ruby. I knew it was destined to be a sweater/shrug. It called to me from the shelves!

I cast on Lion Brand’s Glitter Shrug. I chose this pattern only because it was the shape of garment I wanted written for weight of yarn I purchased.

I am now seven inches in and can’t wait to finish so I can wear it!!!!


May your knitting bring you peace this Wednesday!


Never Cook Angry

Never cook while angry….

Sigh, I had a bad day at my big kid job. I love my big kid job but it’s frustrating at times. (I’m an accountant by trade). I felt the need to make comfort food with my own two hands.

After getting off work I swung by the grocery store with a list of ingredients I needed for some new recipes on Pinterest I was going to try. Mistake number one: going to the store at peak times. Took me forever to get in and get out. I told myself it would ok if I could just get home.

Mistake number two: not reading the Pinterest recipes very clearly. I unpacked my wares and set upon cooking only to find I didn’t have everything I needed. I was upset but I kept cooking.

On the docket:
Sweet Potato Soup
– Betty Crocker Banana bread
Chicken Bacon Ranch pasta
– garlic toast

Soup came along swimmingly and before I knew it, it was done and cooling in containers on the counter for my work lunches this week.


The banana bread came together well but I couldn’t get it out of the pan. Not to mention I burnt the bottom. I really started to get pissed at this point.

(My husband assures me it still tastes fine)

Finally onto tonight’s dinner….chicken bacon ranch pasta! Bacon cooked up superbly and the wonderful smell almost pulled me out of my funk. However the creamy ranch pasta sauce wouldn’t thicken and I had to use cornstarch to thicken 😦

I had just enough spaghetti for the recipe. In the process of straining the fully cooked pasta I burnt my finger on the pan and dropped half of the pasta on the floor. I let out a shriek and my husband came running to see me surrounded by pasta STUCK TO EVERYTHING! (Even me) Due to the chaos I forgot I had bread in the oven toasting and it preceded to burn until my husband smelled smoke.

It was at this point I gave up and opened a beer. We salvaged enough pasta for dinner and scraped the burnt parts off the toast.

I realized my bad juju or negative energy had transferred into to food. Everything tasted find but not as relaxing as I intended, sigh. Take my advice…..don’t cook angry!

Tomorrow is a new day!