I am finally getting back into the swing of knitting mostly because my busy schedule has slowed down.

I have made progress on my knit shrug, about another 3 inches. I have also knocked out a handful of kitchen scrubbies for my mom’s craft fair next Tuesday. Both of which I have packed for our weekend travels!


(100% cotton worsted and tulle cut into strips knit together on US 8s with a seed stitch design)

We are headed to the husband’s 10 yr high school reunion, Go Bears!! I finished two scrubbies in the car when I realized I didn’t have a tapestry needle!! A search of my bag was fruitless, all I found was a bobby pin. So I improvised…


A bobby pin makes a needle in a pinch if your price is “open” enough (which mine was). And tah Dah!


I’ll be busy most of the weekend, so ill see everyone on the other side! I finished Needles and Pearls by Gil McNeil this week and hope to have a review up next week!

Happy Knitting!

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