Books about knitting: The Knitting Circle

I love to knit and I love all kinds of books about knitting. Due to my recent busy schedule I haven’t gotten much knitting done, so I settled for reading about it.

I recently picked up The Knitting Circle on Amazon. This delightful book was written by Ann Hood. It’s a book about loss and the power if knitting. Though the book caries a sad theme, if you read deep enough you can see how the rhythmic process of knitting can help to heal all kinds of wounds. Not to mention having a great group of friends to lean on!

I read that in 2011 this book was rumored to be in production with Katherine Heigl to be a movie. I would be first in line to see that movie if it ever gets made!

I highly recommend this book to knitters if all ages, genders, races, and skill levels! This is a book that will definitely stay on my shelf!!

I have moved on to my next book, The Beach Street Knitting Society and Yarn Club by Gil McNeil.


And yes, I realize that I accidentally color coordinated my current baby blanket with this book, ha!

Happy Knitting!! (And reading)

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