Technology: Why I love my iPhone

I have never been much of “techie” having learned to knit because my boyfriend (now husband) played video games and I needed a hobby that didn’t require electricity! I have never been very concerned about my phone, really only needing texting and calling. About a year ago the husband got us both iPhone and slowly I have become addicted without every realizing it. Today I posted a blog entry about a novel I read and looking back the entire thing was due to my iPhone. I found out about the author and her book give away due to a blog post I read on my iPhone, downloaded said book to the Kindle app on my iPhone, logged the book on my GoodReads book app, and posted a review of said novel via the WordPress app on my iPhone. 

At dinner tonight I mentioned this to my husband and we began to discuss how technology infiltrates our lives. Technology has even invaded my knitting sphere. I now:

  • keep up my Facebook fan page from an app on my iPhone
  • track my knitting project on Ravelry (I also have the Wooly app)
  • receive and read emails from my knitting email address
  • track all the delightful books I read about knitting on my Goodreads app
  • publish blog posts about my knitting/reading/crazy life on my WordPress app
  • follow knitting pin and boards on Pinterest
  • post pictures of my knitting adventures on Instagram
  • tweet progress of my projects and follow other knitters for cool deals and awesome photos

Having access to all that at my fingertips has let me get more in touch with my projects. It’s allowed me to expand my knitting skill set and be challenged and encouraged by others. I admit I am a self-proclaimed organization-a-holic. Being able to organize my life inside one tiny device and carry with it with me everywhere is intoxicating. But I always force myself to detach from my phone and “unplug” for awhile just to make sure I don’t get addicted. That’s what knitting is for right?

I guess the morale of my story is that we must embrace technology in the way it enhances our lives. But we must stay mindful that it doesn’t consume our lives. 

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