Bring Me All Your Butter

We spent what we hope was a responsibly safe 4th of July with my parents. We kind of have made our own little “bubble” and see few people but each other up close and within breathing distance. Everyone in my family is getting really good at cleaning…even the littles. And we stayed up WAAAAY too late shooting big fireworks and chasing fireflies.

So Sunday morning, after the 4th of July, I found myself awake with PB with the rest of the house was snoozing. So PB and I raided the fridge to make breakfast. Being good hearty Midwestern folk I made a well rounded country breakfast. I turned leftover baked potato into hash browns, used up the last of the sausage gravy, cooked off some thick sliced bacon and fried a perfect medium egg in butter.

Forget yarn….bring me all your butter!!

Pizza for Breakfast

Caution….food porn ahead!! I had a particularly heinous and stressful day ahead of me while simultaneously having leftover homemade pizza dough in the fridge…

You guys, I made Parmesan garlic and egg breakfast pizzas. And ooooohh my did they taste amazing and everyone of the 600 calories!

I didn’t follow any recipe and just scrounged ingredient from my fridge. I made four mini pizza crusts and seasoned them with butter and garlic salt. I then slathered on some Parmesan garlic pasta sauce and topped that with mozzarella and Parmesan cheese. And to top it all off I cracked a large egg on each pizza and put in a 400 degree oven. They took about 12-13 in to get the eggs cooked but yet still soft.

Two of the eggs slid because my pan was not level. So lessons for next time! I think I might make the crust have ridges or perhaps use my better stainless steel pizza pan to keep things tidy. Never mind how they look….they looked delicious and we devoured them! this one is for sure will do again!!

Happy baking!!

Saturday mornings

I drag my butt outta bed every Saturday morning to the most amazing and punishing workout.

Afterwards, I’M STARVING! Even when I eat before, sigh. Today my hunger inspired me to make an impromptu brunch snack….Cinnamon Chocolate Whole Wheat French Toast!

1 large egg
1 tsp sugar or sugar substitute
1/2 tsp cinnamon
2 tsp protein powder (I used chocolate whey powder from Kroger)
Splash of slim milk
1 whole wheat hot dog bun (or whatever whole wheat bun or bread you have, I only had hot dog buns lol)
Sugar free syrup

Whisk together egg, sugar, cinnamon, protein powder, and milk. Mix well to dissolve powder! Dip bread into mix and cook in skillet on medium heat. Cook both sides and serve with your choice of syrup!!


Quick and easy whole grain high protein snack!! Sorry for the photo…my toast “caramelized” a bit too much, but trust me it’s delicious!!!!

Happy Saturday!