Stripes Of Fun

I’m addicted!


This yarn is dreamy and wonderful! My conference vanilla socks are growing. I did not know what to expect with this yarn as the colors appear to be random. It’s such potato chip knitting as I can’t wait to keep knitting to find out the next color!


For those with inquiring minds this is Wisdom Yarn’s Saki Bamboo in crayon box. I’m two inches past the heel and considering starting the ribbing early to negate the “slouch” factor of the bamboo with the pulling in that ribbing gives you. But I just can’t decide. These are the conundrums you have when making up the knitting as you go, lol!

Happy Knitting!

Growing Flax

 A virus has knocked Jellybean and I for a loop. Not to mention the hubby has been out of town for a conference for several days leaving us sickies to our own devices. Needless to say not much knitting got done. I did get some stitches in on my Flax for Jellybean.


I felt a game of yarn chicken coming on with only five 50 gram balls. I knit past the sleeve division and finished my second ball of yarn. So instead of finishing the body I started the sleeves. It took less than one ball of yarn to finish one sleeve so I’m hopeful for winning yarn chicken!

This pattern is easy and relaxing to knit. But some days I just can’t do the dark yarn in the evenings so it’s slow going. But the good news is that baby sweaters go zoom!

Happy Knitting!!

Halfway FO Friday: Marble Picasso Socks

 One complete sock with heel for this week!


I started this sock a couple of weeks ago during my Marathon Work Training Week. Boy was it nice to have knitting to keep me awake!

The yarn is creating a nice fabric.  It’s Premier Yarn Serinity Sock from Deborah Norville in Picasso Marble. It was on clearance at Joanns awhile back for $2 a skein. It’s 50% merino, 25% bamboo, and 25% nylon in what I say is a light fingering. It feels soft knitted up but I’m hoping the nylon makes it hard wearing. Now I’ve just gotta get going on sock #2!

Happy Knitting!!

WIP Wednesday: Flax

I decided to get my butt in gear and get Jellybean a sweater made before he outgrows the size I have yarn for! I chose Flax by Tin Can Knits and I’m knitting the 2 year old size in Knit Picks Shine Worsted in Pageant. It’s a deep purple that really sets off his eyes and fair skin. 

But I’ve really only been able to mark up my pattern and start the collar. Not a very exciting photo but here you go nonetheless.  

Happy Knitting!!

Knitting and Waiting


I behaved yesterday evening. My mother and aunt went in to Joanns for a shopping trip. I waited patiently in the car with my knitting and my coffee. I got a last minute birthday party invite for a beautiful little 1 year old. I think she deserves a tutu!

By the way this project made me feel like a knitter with a capital K! I was able to go to my stash and find both the yarn I needed in coordinating colors, the printed out pattern, and a project bag to fit it in. All in under 10 minutes!  I was even able to cast on right away. Such satisfaction 🎉

Happy Knitting!

FO Friday: Leftover Blackberry Truffle Socks

My Leftover Blackberry Truffle socks are done!!!  

These are 68 stitch toe up vanilla sock with a slip stitch heel. I used sock yarn in blackberry truffle leftover from my Jacoby Mitts. I only had 60 grams so I split it into two 30 gram ankle socks.

I had a little issue with the ankle ribbing being too big on the first sock. It gapped horribly. So I decreased down to 60 stitches from 68 after the heel on the second sock and it worked beautifully. But that meant I had to rip back and redo sock #1, grumble grumble.


But grumbling aside I have another FO and shortie socks ready for winter! And I can’t stop looking at the gorgeous pops of color. This yarn is a favorite!!

Happy Knitting!! 

What’s On My Needles #12

My Picasso Marble sock is almost done!

This sock was my conference/training knitting last week. I managed to knit everything but the heel all while working. It was awesome and helped me stay awake, lol. Now I’m putting in the afterthought heel, then it’s on to sock #2! My notes are raveled here.

Happy Knitting!! 

WIP Wednesday: Clapo-ktus

I finally got my shawl mojo going. I freely admit I had to start this thing like three times before I got it right. I think I’m in the rhythm now (fingers crossed). 


The yarn is pretty slippery on my needles so it’s not travel knitting. It’s been living on my bedside table and getting a few stitches here and there. I’m dipping my toe in slowly to this whole lace/shawl knitting. It actually soothing in a way.

What do you find soothing?