WIP Wednesday: Clapo-ktus

I finally got my shawl mojo going. I freely admit I had to start this thing like three times before I got it right. I think I’m in the rhythm now (fingers crossed). 


The yarn is pretty slippery on my needles so it’s not travel knitting. It’s been living on my bedside table and getting a few stitches here and there. I’m dipping my toe in slowly to this whole lace/shawl knitting. It actually soothing in a way.

What do you find soothing?

5 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Clapo-ktus

  1. Any fibre, flowing over any type of stick, is soothing to me. I do joke – a lot – about anxiety, depression and ADD but anything fibre-related tops a candlelit bath any day.

  2. I’m currently knitting a full size adult double blanket. But it’s in garter stitch so I don’t need to concentrate to much and the holes a pretty easy to repair. So that was really chilling me out last night.

    BTW – ❤ the colour!

  3. Shawls have become my newest obsession. I especially like knitting shawls that are constructed side to side.

  4. I still have one of these on the needles that I need to just finish. Perhaps because I don’t know why I’m knitting it as I don’t wear shawls and the beautiful color I choose doesn’t match a thing I own. le sigh

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