FO Friday: Gru’s Scarf

I made it! This one has been done for a few days I just haven’t gotten around to blogging it.

That my friends is a LOT of freaking yarn….

Pattern: My own improvised pattern. Rav notes are here.

Yarn: Caron Simply Soft in Grey Heather and Black. I used 715 yards of yarn or 385 grams, or roughly 2 full skeins (half of black and one and a half grey)

Needles: US 8 16″ circular

Now hopefully I can grab some photos this weekend of this yarn combined with the rest of the family costumes. We are all going as Despicable Me themed outfits 🙂

Happy Knitting.

FO Friday: Dino Hat

I’m just a little bit giddy over this hat. I may have squeed a bit after weaving in ends! The Dino Cap for Jellybean is done and ready for winter.

  The spikes turned out a but fussy. I couldn’t get the look I wanted so I just said forget it and went with the pattern directions for construction. I just really wanted this to be finished.That being said I did detour from the pattern instructions when I went to attach them. I didn’t want a lot of bulk at back of the skull because Jellybean will have to wear this in the car seat. So I scrunched up my spikes on the forehead  and left the back flat. I think it’s adorable and functional! And how warm does that double thick brim with ear flaps look?!
  Pattern: Dino Cap by Kris Hansen

Size: 2 year old

Yarn: Caron Simply Soft in Green and Brown (I used roughly 180 yards between the two colors)

Needles: US 6s and US 7s

Mods: See above for spikes   My notes and project are raveled here for any additional details.

I hope you have a Happy Friday and Happy Knitting!!

A Growing Gru

 My husband’s Gru scarf is growing!


After some swatching I’ve settled on pattern ratio of black to grey. I think it’s pretty smart looking. I’ve been weaving in my ends as I go and I’ve grafted the cast on edge. This way I don’t have to fuss with the tube as it grows. I’ve taken this project in the car and to work so it can see some action before Halloween gets any closer!

P.S. My project bag for this project is a Halloween bag from dollar tree. I think it’s appropriate in this case 🙂

A Dinosaur For Jellybean

I had to put this hat into time out after my Dino-Uh Oh a few weeks ago.

But I’ve picked it back up and it’s FLYING! During nap time and daddy time I was able to knit the brim correctly including the ear flaps this past weekend. And then I worked the hat to where I need to start the crown decreases.

I’m hoping to get the hat portion done this week. Maybe I can start the Dino spikes over the weekend? But with a wee one that might just be wishful thinking…

One thing I know for sure is that this hat will be warm and soft! Now I just need to teach him how to leave on our hat!

Happy Knitting! 

Gru’s Scarf

I totally caved…..

My husband overheard my Halloween idea and literally jumped on it. A) he loves the costume idea and B) he asked why I never made him a scarf. Where did this husband who likes knitwear come from???

I am not excited about the monotony of 7-8 foot scarf in stockinette. So I quickly decided to knit a tube and frat the end shut. I pulled some grey Caron Simply soft leftover from my grown up Sophisticate and the black from my Mini Minion Hat from the stash. I cast on 70 stitches in the round with the grey on a US 8 circular. 

Now here’s the question….are the black stripes the same size or smaller than the grey stripes? They look smaller to me but I’m not 100% sure…thoughts?

A Growing Minion

 Thanks to some 4th of July grandparents time I’ve made some progress on my mini minion hat!


I’ve completed the goggle band and ready to start the crown decreases. Unfortunately I’m out of the sunshine yellow (insert face palm here). I’ve been to two Walmarts and a Joanns so far with no dice. Apparently neon yellow is in and sunshine is out. My last hope is Michaels so fingers crossed!

I also attempted to make eyes for the minion using YouTube tutorials. Let’s just say I need more practice. My mom saw my attempts, giggled and then promised to make them for me. So I left the yarn in her hot little hands!

Happy knitting!!


Another hat for Jellybean!

I’m improvising this hat as I go. I cast on 100 stitches on US 4s with a long tail cast on. I will work some ribbing then switch to stockinette. I will need to work in a black a black stripe for the goggle band. As for the eyes I’m going to have to ask my mother for some help. Crochet in the round is something I’ve yet to grasp.

I’m also toying with idea of adding hair to the top? I really want jellybean to be some form of a minion for Halloween. My husband would make a wonderful Gru and I could maybe aim for Agnes? It wouldn’t take a lot of sewing just some thrift store diving. I just wish I had the bandwidth to knit Gru’s scarf for the hubby, lol. I’ll have to think about that one….

Happy Knitting

Stashbustin’ #3: Rye Socks

I want to take another swing at socks. So for 2014 Stashbustin’ #3, I chose Rye Socks by Tin Can Knits! It’s a free pattern using worsted/aran weight yarn. Aren’t they gorgeous?


(Photo from Tin Can Knits rav page)

I pulled the Caron Simply Soft in Sunshine (yellow) from my hibernating One Piece Pullover from back in 2013. It’s worsted weight and being acrylic will stand up to my beginner mistakes and subsequent frogging when it comes to making socks. If I like this pattern, then I may do it again with better yarn, lol.

I like this idea of socks knitting in heavier yarn. I find as a knitter I like instant gratification projects. Socks are fast anyway, but worsted weight yarn whooo boy! I might even whip up a pair for my husband and his giant feet 🙂

Happy Knitting!