Cast On: Marled Crochet Blanket

Falling closely on the heels of my Crocheted Rainbow blanket fever I kept the mojo going with my next crochet blanket. I pulled some Caron Simply Soft in a variety of reds, pinks and whites to make center out crochet blanket. I started with a “square” in the middle and then when it felt good enough I started working around the edge and building out.

I am holding the Caron Simply Soft double and working at bulky weight. My plan is to marl the color changes. So when I get to 75% of the red yarn used I will drop one strand and pull in the dark pink until the red runs out. And then I will use two pink strands. As a novice crocheter I need to add markers to identify my corners so I’m making my increases in consistent places. That will be on my weekend to-do list.

I am working center out because I didn’t have two full skeins of the red or dark pink. I figured that the lower yardages would make bigger “sections” at the beginning of the blanket and then I could use the higher yardage light pink and white on the edges to fill it out. I have no plan and I’m just winging it as I go and so totally not using a pattern. This could be hubris and back fire on me.

But for now I’m just happy to see super fast progress and get some super old yarn out of my stash!

5 thoughts on “Cast On: Marled Crochet Blanket

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