Interesting Color Choice

I stepped back to admire my Marled Crochet blanket and noticed an interesting design aesthetic that my color choice and marling is giving me……

You guys, I’m crocheting a giant nipple. I was shooting for sweet valentine pink/red theme. But nope this is one giant boob. And it doesn’t help that my increases in the red section got a little wonky and that bit sticks up. My husband even gave this blanket a raised eyebrow when I showed him.

But I’m too close to being done so I’m going to embrace this project and see where it takes me. I’m not ripping out close to 1,000 yards of crochet, lol. I have a white section to add tonight and then I will be done. Maybe I’ll have a FO to show tomorrow?

Happy Knitting!!

9 thoughts on “Interesting Color Choice

  1. I LITERALLY spit out my coffee when I read your second paragraph. I was not prepared! This is hysterical. Maybe you can crochet a flower to put in the center, or a tassel? I am having waaaay too much fun with this. I’m sorry!!

  2. That is too funny! I would never have picked up on it if you hadn’t said it! I think it’s a matter of 2020 playing havoc with your crochet! It will definitely be one to remember!

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