Gru’s Scarf

I totally caved…..

My husband overheard my Halloween idea and literally jumped on it. A) he loves the costume idea and B) he asked why I never made him a scarf. Where did this husband who likes knitwear come from???

I am not excited about the monotony of 7-8 foot scarf in stockinette. So I quickly decided to knit a tube and frat the end shut. I pulled some grey Caron Simply soft leftover from my grown up Sophisticate and the black from my Mini Minion Hat from the stash. I cast on 70 stitches in the round with the grey on a US 8 circular. 

Now here’s the question….are the black stripes the same size or smaller than the grey stripes? They look smaller to me but I’m not 100% sure…thoughts?

26 thoughts on “Gru’s Scarf

  1. Beautiful project !!! The black stripes are smaller in my opinion too… Thank you for this beautiful blog, I’m a french knitter so forgive me if I make some mistakes in my comments …. 😉

  2. That’s a cool idea. Can’t wait to see what it looks like when finished! I’m knitting a black scarf and it’s sooo boring….

    Thanks for the inspiration…. Might use the loom technique for creating a doctor who or a Hogwarts style scarf (also a stripe pattern)….

  3. If you look at proportions (I’m not sure how proportionate Gru is, but let’s just go with it), it seems like the grey is the length of his thumb knuckle all the way to the joint knuckle (or whatever the scientific term is). And the black seems to be 1/2 to 2/3rds the length of the grey. That’s about an inch for the grey, for me (I may have smallish hands).

    I don’t think I’d make them that small, but a ratio of 5 inches (grey) to 2 1/2 inches (black) would probably not make you tear your hair out.


  4. Black is narrower than grey.
    I’m making a 1×1 rib scarf right now. I’m an English knitter, so it’s sort of slow, but it’s mindless. It makes good out-of-the-house knitting.

  5. First, fantastic idea making a stockinette tube. That sounds like a fantastic alternative to a flat knit scarf (shutter), despite having twice as many stitches.

    Second, I love the whole Minion/Gru idea. My mother-in-law loves minions and would probably insist on being Gru, given half the chance!

  6. Love it! Men don’t love knitwear, but scarves (and hats if they wear them) are usually okay;-). I see the black as being about two rows shorter than the gray, but it could be just one. I think the halloween costume will come out great.

  7. I too am an English knitter, and agree, I would rather knit rib that more stitches in a tube. Granted you still purl, but only for half the stitches. At first I was beguiled by the idea of a tube, but twice the stitches = twice the knitting and wool – so I opted for the easy way as usual. My daughter is a Minions fan, so I will be making her one when I get the wool.

  8. I think it must be a result of exposure. A few months into our relationship I asked my boyfriend what he thought of male cardigans, I think he may have laughed and made some sort of sarcastic comment related to his age. This didn’t change for several years. Then I started knitting and after a few months came the tentative ‘I wouldn’t mind a neutral scarf. Y’know, something manly’. Now it’s ‘you could knit me a jumper if you really want to’. I think I’ll finish my own sweater first! Good luck getting your Gru on.

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