FO Friday: Simple Raglan Cardi

Stashbustin’ #11 is complete!


I LOVE this project and its easy to follow construction! I don’t know why I had been afraid of sweater construction. This top down raglan was so super easy!


I added the zipper. Now I can’t decide if I like it? (Please ignore the awesome pony tail, lol)


The 18 inch zipper fit perfectly but it makes the fabric pucker a bit. And due to my less than amazing hand sewing skills you can see the white zipper in places. Should it be ripped out and knit the ribbing instead? Should I rip out the 18 and resew in a 16 or 14?

I can’t decide…..

What do you guys think?

Berroco Yarn and Wooley Hats


Despite it being spring, it’s still pretty chilly here in Kansas! I am still getting a lot of use out of my hand knits.


I made this Rikke hat back in November for my birthday. I used Berroco Vintage DK in a gorgeous red. Sometimes a knitter just has to treat herself. Lovely wooley goodness on a cold spring day!

I hope your day is warmer than mine!!

WIP Wednesday: Simple Raglan Cardi

Stashbustin’ #11 Update!!


I completed the body, ribbing, and sleeves!! This pattern is amazing and just my speed for my first sweater construction. I was almost reading to do the ribbing on the fronts but I stopped. After trying it on I thought a zipper would look amazing. The pattern c I pulled a 18 inch separating zipper and I’m sewing it in now!



I only had white but I did have some blue grosgrain ribbon. I will sew in the zipper and then cover it with the coordinating ribbon. Never done this before wish me luck!

Happy Knitting!!

A Visit To The Frog Pond

Stashbustin’ #2 …..I want to love this project but I’m only in like with this project.


The pattern is beautiful and the purple is lovely. I memorized the pattern but I can’t just get myself to pick up this project. I’m a process knitter and I can’t stand to work on a project I don’t love.

I am frogging the project, rewinding the skein, and returning the yarn to my stash. It’s just not meant to be, right now anyways. I’m definitely re-queuing this project on Ravelry.

I’d rather cut my losses and work on a project I love right now . Baby Girl Chevron Blanket perhaps? Or maybe I will pull the next item from my queue? Oh so many options!!

Happy Monday and Happy Knitting!

FO Friday: Simple Stockinette Blanket


I’m finished with Stashbustin’ #9. This was one of my less than enjoyable knitting projects. I started here, then changed course here, finally made at least some progress here, and thus leaving me utterly done with this project!

It really did need a third skein of yarn. But I just couldn’t bare the thought of continuing to work on this blanket, so I just cast off.


I ended up with roughly a 55 inch long by 32 inch wide strip of knitting. I’m thinking lap blanket??? Who the heck knows…


Folded in half it makes two appropriately sized baby blankets. Maybe I should get a pillow insert and seam around it for a pillow cover?


I did learn a few things from this experience:

A) Always check gauge or risk ending up with a wonky size

B) I learned how I need to treat chenille for both maximum stitch definition and fabric quality

C) I should listen to my mother

I WILL work with this yarn again. I just need a better game plan next time! But now this project is done and I can focus on my raglan cardi.

TGIF and Happy Knitting!!

Rehearsal: A Perfect Wedding!

I’m pleased to report that I got cast in Auburn Community Theater’s A Perfect Wedding!

(Photo from ACT website)

I play Rachel, a bride marrying her high school sweetheart, who gets caught up in a love quadrangle on the day of her wedding. This farcical comedy is hilarious!!! My fiancé sleeps with his best friends girlfriend, who then pretends to be a maid, while the maid pretends to be the girlfriend, and the best man is actually in love with the bride! At one point or another we all get to yell and hit someone else with a toilet brush, lol. Trust me its beyond funny.

I cannot wait to get this show on its feet! Rehearsals started this week so my schedule is packed. I hope to be able to keep you all updated on my theater adventures AND my knitting along the way!!

WIP Wednesday: Simple Raglan Cardi

Update for Stashbustin’ #11


(Sorry for the photo it was late and I had no natural light)

I’VE FINALLY DIVIDED FOR THE BODY! It actually looks like a sweater!!

This is my first top down/raglan sweater attempt. And I’m perty darn proud. I may have made a few mistakes but only I will know they are there. The pattern has been pretty easy to follow, rav page here.


I love the yarn over detail at the shoulders. I am now left to complete 4 1/2 inches of stockinette body, 2 1/2 inches of body ribbing, both sleeves, and the ribbing along the front edges. I still have aways to go but I love this project and I’m addicted!

So far it it fits without needing to alter the pattern, fingers crossed!

What’s your current project addiction?