More Cherry Jam

Summer in Kansas is in full swing! During a recent trip to my parents house I noticed the cherry trees were ripe and ready to go. Two and a half hours later and five large ice cream buckets later, this pregnant lady was hot and tired. And, I might note, the three trees were only half picked!

As reward for my sweaty work I went home with two buckets of pitted and washed fruit. My most favorite jam of all time is cherry. So after a quick trip to the grocery store for sugar and pectin. I transformed all that fruit into jar after jar of delicious jam. Three hours and some swollen ankles I have this…



I recently stumbled upon an alpaca fiber farm near me!! They are just down the road from my favorite winery, Prairie Fire Winery in Paxico Kansas. I present to you, Alpacas of Wildcat Hollow!

Look at the gorgeous fiber they offer:

Image of AWH 100% Alpaca Yarns

Image of Prime Alpaca Fiber by the ounce

Image of Alpaca Batts

I really need to visit this farm and pick up some of this gorgeousness!! It’s very affordable and I love supporting local businesses. They even have an online store for anyone far away 🙂

A girl can never have enough alpaca in her stash!

The Calm Before the Storm

This fall we have had some great thunderstorms roll through the great state of Kansas. I managed to snap a few photos with my DSLR camera before the the last storm rolled through. I am in love with how puffy the clouds get! The hot air mixing the cool. Grass and flowers waving the breeze. Your skin prickling with the change in energy. Clouds growing and collapsing. The light versus the dark….
















Harvest Has Begun!


Kansas has officially turned golden! Its wheat harvest time baby!! This is one of my favorite times of year with hues of golden wheat as far as the eye can see. Which is pretty far considering the flatness of the prairie, lol.

I snapped a few photos on our drive home from a wedding last weekend. I can’t get enough of golden grain against green grass and deep blue skies. If you listen closely you can hear the combines starting their throaty rumble and lumbering out into the fields…




Just a little cheer from The Wheat State on this Thursday!!