Family Memories

Not long ago we made the trek to my parents house to take a family photo. It was something my sister and I arranged for our parents anniversary this past summer. We just had to wait until after jellybean was born, lol.

It was pretty cool in Kansas that day so jellybean had to be wrapped up in a blanket in most all the photos. But they are gorgeous nonetheless!




The photographer is a long time family friend and very talented. Feel free to check out her website!! She is located in North Central KS for any readers in the area.

Now the conundrum is which photos to pick!

A Little Creativity In The Family

My hubby wanted a cute way to let our friends and family know about Jellybean. He is an avid video gamer and found the cutest T-shirts online. Originally we wanted to take a photo wearing the t-shirts….but I’m 5’6″ and he’s 6’3″. Let’s just say we couldn’t get our middles to line up right. So he designed this….

_MG_0406 _MG_0413 - Copy

He can be pretty creative in between video games 🙂 It’s not knitting but it’s pretty adorable anyway.

Happy Monday!

Distraction and Disc Golf

I played a round of disc golf with the husband over last weekend. The hubs is pretty serious about it and I’m terrible. Not to mention the course we played could have doubled for a horror movie set with the abundance of creepy wooded areas.

I kept getting distracted by the foliage and canopies of trees against the brilliant blue sky! The hubs got annoyed. It was a gorgeous October day so we stopped keeping score and just enjoyed the day together.

Here are a few of my favorite snaps from the afternoon…





The Calm Before the Storm

This fall we have had some great thunderstorms roll through the great state of Kansas. I managed to snap a few photos with my DSLR camera before the the last storm rolled through. I am in love with how puffy the clouds get! The hot air mixing the cool. Grass and flowers waving the breeze. Your skin prickling with the change in energy. Clouds growing and collapsing. The light versus the dark….
















Family Photos

The Mathews household was short on funds this year for the holiday season so we decided to take an alternative approach. A dear friend of mine is an amazing photographer and he agreed to help us out. So on a very cold October day we tromped around a local park to take a few photos. There was a wedding in the same park and at least two photography clubs running around. The dogs were so wound up by all this activity that they were spectacularly uncooperative. We managed to at least get two good family shots, which were then turned into Christmas cards and framed photos for Christmas gifts.





Not so bad right? The family really loved them as gifts and it was nice to give gifts from the heart (and save a little money)!

We had few minutes of good light left and so I had the photographer snap a few new head shots for my work/linkedin profile/facebook/etc. I haven’t had a head shot taken since I was 18 years old, lol.







Now I’m off to some knitting and cleaning. I am attending my first meeting of a local crochet/knitting guild and I want to choose some items to donate to their knitting for charity baskets! I’ll let you know how it goes tomorrow afternoon!

Happy Knitting!!!


FO Friday: Mermaid Tail


I have the pleasure of being friends with some fabulous photographers. So for this FO Friday I’d like to share a super cute item I knit for a really cool photographer lady.


I LOVE making baby knits. And how cute is the princess baby in the photo! The photo was shot by my friend Renee Swanson. She is a fabulous photographer who got married this past summer. So of course for her bridal shower I just had to knit something super cool for her photography business. So I improvised my own design of a Mermaid Tail. I knit in the round using US 10 1/2 circs and Knit Picks Brava Bulky. This yarn is some of my favorite to use in kiddo projects. It’s soft, easy to work with, and washable for those occasional baby accidents. I was terribly pleased with how this project turned out! I wasn’t able to attend the shower but I know she loved it because I got the lovely photo above a few weeks later!

Renee is an super adorable professional photographer who works in Kansas and North Carolina. Check out her blog and her Facebook page!

Happy Knitting!