Family Photos

The Mathews household was short on funds this year for the holiday season so we decided to take an alternative approach. A dear friend of mine is an amazing photographer and he agreed to help us out. So on a very cold October day we tromped around a local park to take a few photos. There was a wedding in the same park and at least two photography clubs running around. The dogs were so wound up by all this activity that they were spectacularly uncooperative. We managed to at least get two good family shots, which were then turned into Christmas cards and framed photos for Christmas gifts.





Not so bad right? The family really loved them as gifts and it was nice to give gifts from the heart (and save a little money)!

We had few minutes of good light left and so I had the photographer snap a few new head shots for my work/linkedin profile/facebook/etc. I haven’t had a head shot taken since I was 18 years old, lol.







Now I’m off to some knitting and cleaning. I am attending my first meeting of a local crochet/knitting guild and I want to choose some items to donate to their knitting for charity baskets! I’ll let you know how it goes tomorrow afternoon!

Happy Knitting!!!


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