Woolfest Goodies

Yesterday I talked about my trip to Woolfest and some wine tasting. Today I’m going to show you the goodies I picked up.

First, a set of Harry Potter inspired mini skeins from The Sexy Knitter. I have met Sarah in person several times now. She is such a bright and bubbly person and a blast to talk about knitting with. She has been putting one of a kind (OOAK) indie dyed mini skeins in her Etsy shop for awhile. I had resisted on Etsy but couldn’t pass them up in person. They are 25 yards each so I have roughly 100 yards here to add to my sock yarn memory blanket.

Next up is a sock blank from TreasureGoddess Yarn. I think this blank is made from her Treasured Toes sock base. And I have never knit from a blank before so I just couldn’t resist. I have knit with her Cashmere Super Toes before to make my Old Man of Storr shawlette. Which by the way, I was wearing  that day and was able to show off to her. This blank definitely needs to be a pair of socks for me!

Lastly, but certainly not least…..I found a perfectly geeky project bag. In my house The Big Bang Theory is totally a thing. I watch re-runs almost every day to help block out the negativity that is permeating the world lately. This bag is from AuntStephsHndmdGifts on Etsy. She had all kinds of geek themed fabrics but this just HAD to come home with me. It’s large enough to hold socks, a shawl, or a child’s sweater. I’m so excited about this bag I can’t even decide what should go in here!

And there you have it…my haul from Woolfest 2017. I thought I was remarkably restrained given the high volume of yarn fumes!

Happy Knitting!

Woolfest 2017

Despite a rather persistent and pesky sinus infection I dragged my butt out to the reschedule Woolfest 2017 in Wamego, KS. For those not aware this is where the Wizard of Oz is celebrated here in Kansas and there is even a museum! It’s very cheerful…

But I digress, Woolfest was originally supposed to be earlier in the month but an ice storm that didn’t actually happen in our area saw it postponed. It must have been the yarn fumes, but this is the only photo I managed to snap of the actual event. The inside was just so full of vendors, people and yarny things that I forgot to take anymore.

I think I will save my purchased goodies for a separate post. Our household budget is currently running very lean so I restrained myself. On top of, A LOT of the vendors featured either spinning fiber or alpaca yarn and fiber. While I love to look and pet all those lovelies they are not in my craft wheelhouse right now so it was easy to resist. Upside? I learned that there are a TON of alpaca ranches in Kansas and Missouri, lol.

After my jaunt through the fair I had a flash of brilliance. I grabbed some lovely BBQ yummies from a cafe next door and headed down I-70 about 5 miles to my friends winery, Prairie Fire Winery. I settled in with my takeout and a glass of hot mulled red wine.

Then for desert (and because my hubby was holding down the home front with the toddler) I had some wine spiked bundt cake with the hot mulled white wine. Oh…my….gosh it was wonderful!

The tasting room hadn’t gotten in full swing yet. This winery is very popular and makes me proud of my friends! So I snuck in some sockhead hat knitting.

Pretty soon the tasting room was filling up quickly so I bundled myself up and walked the property. I had the privilege of helping to plant some of these vines. The Flint Hills really are gorgeous all year round. Oooh…I even saw a juvenile bald eagle soaring above the grasslands stalking it’s lunch!

All in all, it was a much needed mom-free day that was very restorative for both my spirit and my mind. I got to play with yarny goods and have a lovely glass of vino. Stay tuned for tomorrow to see my purchases from Woolfest!

Happy Knitting!!

FO Friday: Crochet Rainbow Baby Blanket

Oooof, crochet is hard for me. While I like it as a break from knitting and give my hands and arms a different workout….it’s just not intuitive to me. Nevertheless my Rainbow Baby Blanket is done!

Camera angles hide a multitude of sins. I’m still working on not losing stitches as I turn and crochet. But this bulky chenille yarn doesn’t help. It’s a perfectly serviceable blanket just not so much rectangular like it should be. Given that it’s main job will be warmth and the absorption of baby bodily fluids I don’t know I am bothered so much.

The finished size is roughly 34×40 inches. I used three skeins of Bernat Blanket and size K hook. All it needs now is a bath in baby safe soap and tucked safely away for the wee one to be born!

Wool Pigery

Instagram enabled me HARD this past weekend. Despite having a near SABLE sized sock yarn stash I couldn’t resist the Kirby Wirby Etsy update. I mean she hasn’t had one in a while, how could I not?

It’s a lovely yellow, grayish, and blue combo with sparkle. These were my high school colors and I just couldn’t resist. The color is Poly Pigtails.

Shhhh….don’t tell my husband ☺️

WIP Wednesday: Storytime Scholar

I’ve reached sleeve purgatory in my Storytime Scholar!

I’m making the 4T size and I feel it’s taking forever. I thought I was close to finishing the first sleeve but when I held it up against a slightly too big tee….I still need more. Sigh

It really is close. And it’s bulky yarn so I just need to suck it up. I don’t mind the knitting, it’s just I can’t wait to get this on Jellybean!

Happy Knitting!!

Miles and Miles to Go

It seems like winter should be about over but we have miles and miles to go yet. The germs brought in by a certain toddler have really hit our house hard. Since Christmas we have had colds, the stomach flu, and now pink eye. I’m so over it!

The only bright side is that my Sockhead hat has seen some decent progress!

I finished the brim and an inch of stockinette while home with a sick baby. The other couple of inches of stockinette are thanks to back to back webinars at work last week.

I’m IN LOVE with this yarn. The speckles are just the right amount of cheer to ward off the grey winter. I’m a little hopeful I can finish these before the super bowl so I can have another FO for the Pigskin Party KAL.

Happy Knitting!!

WIP Wednesday: Storytime Scholar

My Storytime Scholar is cruising right along. I’m past the pockets and almost done with the ribbing. 

It’s knitting up very well with semi-dense fabric. Which I’m hoping will withstand the toddler abuse. I keep thinking it looks frighteningly big. But the thing with kids is that they keep growing!

My next step will be to bind off the ribbing and then I think I will seam up the pockets. The pattern calls for to do this last but the extra flapping fabric is bothering me. After that I guess it’s the dreaded sleeves. I’m saving the collar for last in case I need to use yarn management.

Happy Knitting!