Winter Woolfest 2019

The Christmas season is over and it’s back to real life. And that real life has involved a lot of germs and coughing around here. So I made sure to take some time away from nursemaid duties and re-charge my batteries a bit. I made a trip over to Wamego, KS for Winter Woolfest 2019!

First I’ll flash all the goodies I found with my Christmas cash. I focused my monies on independent dyers and especially those I haven’t seen before. I grabbed a Little Lamb children’s book with pattern from Melissa Dallke. And four 20 gram mini skeins from her Acorn Willow yarn line for my scrappy blankets. Then I snagged a speckled DK yarn from Leon Alexander in glorious shades of purple. Next up is a dark grey and rainbow-y skein of sock yarn from the Wichita Woolery. It’s called Prism Break and it should micro stripe if I get the gauge right. Finally I finished up at a LYS booth that had several indie dyers. I gravitated to the speckles again. I picked up some Super Sock 4ply from Twisted Owl Fiber Studio in the Razz-ma-tazz color. I listen to their podcast, the Worsted Knitting Podcast when the occasionally drop episode and it’s hilarious. And lastly I picked up some Pebble Sock from Black Trillium Fibers in the Happy Fun Times color. I didn’t go overboard and I was very pleased with my purchases.

It was a beautiful sunny and weirdly warm January day here in Kansas. The attendees were slightly sweltering in their knitwear this year!

This year’s theme was Classic Rock N Roll. It wasn’t quite as cool as last year’s female super hero theme but still adorable.

And this festival has really grown. This place was PACKED by 11 am after the doors opened at 10 am. It was honestly hard to move around and get into most of the booths. This kinda triggers some anxiety in me and was my least favorite part.

P.S. This Wamego is kind of Wizard of Oz themed because they have the Wizard of Oz museum. And the whole town has kind of rolled with it. They have a tulip themed Toto that made me smile!

Happy Knitting!!

Woolfest 2017

Despite a rather persistent and pesky sinus infection I dragged my butt out to the reschedule Woolfest 2017 in Wamego, KS. For those not aware this is where the Wizard of Oz is celebrated here in Kansas and there is even a museum! It’s very cheerful…

But I digress, Woolfest was originally supposed to be earlier in the month but an ice storm that didn’t actually happen in our area saw it postponed. It must have been the yarn fumes, but this is the only photo I managed to snap of the actual event. The inside was just so full of vendors, people and yarny things that I forgot to take anymore.

I think I will save my purchased goodies for a separate post. Our household budget is currently running very lean so I restrained myself. On top of, A LOT of the vendors featured either spinning fiber or alpaca yarn and fiber. While I love to look and pet all those lovelies they are not in my craft wheelhouse right now so it was easy to resist. Upside? I learned that there are a TON of alpaca ranches in Kansas and Missouri, lol.

After my jaunt through the fair I had a flash of brilliance. I grabbed some lovely BBQ yummies from a cafe next door and headed down I-70 about 5 miles to my friends winery, Prairie Fire Winery. I settled in with my takeout and a glass of hot mulled red wine.

Then for desert (and because my hubby was holding down the home front with the toddler) I had some wine spiked bundt cake with the hot mulled white wine. Oh…my….gosh it was wonderful!

The tasting room hadn’t gotten in full swing yet. This winery is very popular and makes me proud of my friends! So I snuck in some sockhead hat knitting.

Pretty soon the tasting room was filling up quickly so I bundled myself up and walked the property. I had the privilege of helping to plant some of these vines. The Flint Hills really are gorgeous all year round. Oooh…I even saw a juvenile bald eagle soaring above the grasslands stalking it’s lunch!

All in all, it was a much needed mom-free day that was very restorative for both my spirit and my mind. I got to play with yarny goods and have a lovely glass of vino. Stay tuned for tomorrow to see my purchases from Woolfest!

Happy Knitting!!