Project Bag Surgery

This bag has been holding my Victorian Mauve Vanilla socks and I was using to walk on my lunch hour this week when I had a malfuntion. My wr

I grabbed some black thread and a sewing needle to make a quick mend. I used tiny little quilt like stitches to reattach the strap. The strap nestled right back in and my less than professional stitches are now hidden inside.

This bag can be return to use! Happy Knitting!!

A SAFF Erin Lane Bags Bonus

Erin Lane Bags wasn’t able to attend SAFF due to unforeseen COVID complications so they had a massive online sale to vend all the items they had created for the yarn show. I saw an advertisement on social media and pounced on the chance to get some Larry themed items.

I snagged a blue skein cover. I am increasingly finding these useful since I like to use my cakes from the middle. The covers keep the cake from getting all sloppy as it collapses. Next up was an extra small purple sock sack with Olympic Larry. And finally a regular sock sack with even more Olympic Larry.

Did I need more project bags? No I did not but they make me happy and my dollars went to support a small business during a challenging time. So now I just need to decide what to put in these bags…..

Happy Knitting!!

Knitterly Gifts

My mom surprised me with a gift she picked up on her travels through Missouri last month.

There are two skeins of Jawoll Twin in Turquoise Tiger Stripes from Lang yarns. This is definitely sock yarn and hopefully makes a nice matching pair of socks. Next up is a unicorn tape measure that PB has already claimed as her and has disappeared into her toy stash. And last but not least is a muslin project bag that reads Peace Love Craft. Pretty sure that is a crochet hook but I love the sentiment nonetheless.

Moms who are also crafters totally pick out the best crafty gifts! Happy Knitting!!

Knitting Pays Off

All spring I have been knitting the daylights out of the In The Light pattern, I finished one here, here and here. I was inspired to knit this project thanks to Chevas of the Chevyrell’s stuff podcast. Not only did I learn about the In The Light pattern from her but she was hosting a #YarnCoitusMAL this spring. The only requirement was to use two or more indie dyed yarns in one project. Well I entered my first In The Light FO and I won one of the prizes!

In my prize package I got a really cool wine themed project bag, a skein of hand dyed laceweight from Happy Hands Hand Dyed yarn, and an enamel pin and vinyl sticker from the Chevyrell’s Stuff podcast.

I have never used actual laceweight yarn before so I might need to find the right project for this special skein. But I have already put the pin on my knitting notions bag and the sticker is on my water bottle. So it just goes to show that sometimes knitting pays off in more ways than just the FO!

Happy Knitting!!

Benefits To Cleaning

Happy Monday to all! I was cleaning up and refilling some of my project bags and guess what I found tucked in a project bag pocket? Money!

Thanks past Rachelle for forgetting this to delight and reward future Rachelle for actually cleaning up after herself! Okay, yeah, it was only a dollar but it is one more dollar than I had before. And I totally found my really really good Chapstick that I thought I lost.

Not a bad way to start a Monday! Happy Knitting!!

Oh Snap…..Gingersnap

Happy Mother’s Day to me!! I sent my hubby a wish list this year and he came through big time! He picked some goodies from Gingersnap of Canadian fame.

He picked the PERFECT bag and a unique sock set. They aren’t colors I would have picked but they are kind of stunning. The hubby swears like a sailor and I will think of him everytime I use the bag, lol.

The yarn is their Zest Fingering in the Penguin Plunge color with the bright yellow contrast color. I’m thinking socks with contrast toes, heels and cuffs? Maybe a cowl….I think this needs to marinate for a bit.

What will not marinate is this project bag. It features nice long handles and a wire framed opening. I really need cast on a new project to christen this project bag. So many ideas!!

Happy Knitting!!

Etsy Made It Right

I am going to confess something.  While I am a crafty person I am not a Pinterest Mom. I am more of an Amazon Prime mom. I had gone to Etsy to order birthday invites for Jellybean’s fifth birthday. And it was my first experience with a bad seller. I spent a decent chunk of money and never got my product. The shop closed up and I couldn’t even complain or contact them.

I contacted Etsy and they helped me navigate my issue. We couldn’t get a hold of the seller so they gave me Etsy credit equal to what I had lost. So of course I used that credit towards a new knitting bag. I mean duh!


I picked a sweater sized bag with mermaids and sea life all over. Jellybean may have helped me pick the fabric, lol. Nevertheless, its well made inside and out. And will hold a multi-skein project and notions. My favorite part is the inside. I love the rainbow fish scale print!


Good customer service goes a long way with me. Help me out and make things right and you will have a customer for life. Have you ever been burned with an online purchase?

Lost Knitting Bag….Send Help

My house is not cluttered and messy but relatively clean. Between a husband, dog and two kids I have given up temporarily the hopes of a tidy home. As long as it’s relatively germ free and I can occasionally see the carpet I’m calling it a win.

But last night I lose my sh*t. I had left a project bag with my Progression Shawl on the basement couch. Where no one but I rarely sit. And this morning it is magically gone. Like POOF and disappeared. No one is claiming to have seen or to have moved it.

I’ve looked in all the usual places and still cannot find it anywhere. It is literally giving me anxiety. Must have been the karmic balancing to my quiet self care night earlier this week. I have to get to work now so I can’t keep looking.

I’m not ready to call in the National Guard as its not a disaster. But momma ain’t happy!! I have a feeling the whole family is going to help organize the basement tonight after supper….

The Fat Squirrel Vortex

I got a shiny new present. I have been watching the Fat Squirrel Speaks podcast and social media channels for awhile now and saw recently that she was having an update on her bags. She came back from SSK with leftover stock, which never happens. Her bags are impeccable and kind of hard to get.

I actually remembered the time of the update and was free when it went live so I hopped on to see if it had been wiped out. It hadn’t and I saw this pink and gold treasure that needed to come live with me. The Fat Squirrel bag vortex just sucked me right in!

It’s a two to maybe three skein project sized bag with a zipper closure. Definitely good for shawls or medium sized projects. I don’t really have much in this size as I have previously only collected sock sized project bags or sweater sized bags.

She even tucked in a sachet of homegrown lavender that smelled AMAZING! If you are ever in a place to get one of her bags I do highly recommend them!

A Good Customer Service Experience

I am a reasonable person and I know that things in life aren’t always perfect. I fell down hard when I saw that not only did Bags by Awesome Grannie have a new extra large project bag but that she was also putting up a coupon for 20% off. I mean…I love her bags…how could I not?

I was so excited when the packed showed up at my door and Jellybean and I tore it open. But I was a little surprised when the fabric was different than I ordered and it was smaller than I expected. I contacted the shop and we quickly ascertained that another person in Kansas with a similar name had ordered that bag and I got it by mistake. Darlene apologized profusely and quickly rectified the situation. She worked up my actual bag in wonderful happy sheep and shipped right up. She also sent me a pre-paid envelope to send back the other bag so it could go to its rightful home.

It was just such a great example of great customer service. She responded promptly and nicely over a very simple easy mistake and I had my product in no time. It’s safe to say she will get more of my money in the future!

Happy Knitting