A SAFF Erin Lane Bags Bonus

Erin Lane Bags wasn’t able to attend SAFF due to unforeseen COVID complications so they had a massive online sale to vend all the items they had created for the yarn show. I saw an advertisement on social media and pounced on the chance to get some Larry themed items.

I snagged a blue skein cover. I am increasingly finding these useful since I like to use my cakes from the middle. The covers keep the cake from getting all sloppy as it collapses. Next up was an extra small purple sock sack with Olympic Larry. And finally a regular sock sack with even more Olympic Larry.

Did I need more project bags? No I did not but they make me happy and my dollars went to support a small business during a challenging time. So now I just need to decide what to put in these bags…..

Happy Knitting!!

1 thought on “A SAFF Erin Lane Bags Bonus

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