Can You Say Ambition?

I took my kiddos to my parents house for a weekend respite. I may have over packed my knitting….

I pulled out my huge 31 tote and piled in the WIPs. It was hot as hades but I pulled a nice ice cold coca cola and worked on some of my projects. In this bag I had my:

One Perfect Skein Shawl

Rainbow Fluff Habitation Throw

PB’s Birthday Blanket

Retro Rainbow Vanilla Socks

I managed to put a little work on each of them and it was a very zen knitting session. It was a nice recharge to the dumpster fire that is 2020. I kind of like my big ole bag of WIPs. I’m choosing to see them as a big pile of untapped potential. Maybe it is too much ambition? But I’m excited to see what happens.

Happy Knitting!!

The Fat Squirrel Vortex

I got a shiny new present. I have been watching the Fat Squirrel Speaks podcast and social media channels for awhile now and saw recently that she was having an update on her bags. She came back from SSK with leftover stock, which never happens. Her bags are impeccable and kind of hard to get.

I actually remembered the time of the update and was free when it went live so I hopped on to see if it had been wiped out. It hadn’t and I saw this pink and gold treasure that needed to come live with me. The Fat Squirrel bag vortex just sucked me right in!

It’s a two to maybe three skein project sized bag with a zipper closure. Definitely good for shawls or medium sized projects. I don’t really have much in this size as I have previously only collected sock sized project bags or sweater sized bags.

She even tucked in a sachet of homegrown lavender that smelled AMAZING! If you are ever in a place to get one of her bags I do highly recommend them!

Happy Mother’s Day To Me

My husband is a dear man. But he’s about as observant as the average knitting muggle. He has over the last 12 years taken an interest in my knitting and shown a great appreciation for my hobby. But he wouldn’t know sock yarn from bulky yarn if it hit him in the face.

I’ve been having a rough time at work adjusting to a lot of changes and new staff. It has left me drained by the time I get home. Mother’s day was approaching and it was a particularly bad day that had me window shopping on Etsy. I knew my husband hadn’t gotten me anything so I sent him an Etsy screenshot and said “I want this for Mothers Day”. It was a large project bag from Tannei Casey And he said ” buy it”. So I did…

It’s a wonderfully large bag made of some of the sturdiest material I have felt in a long time. The inside has two organization pockets and a box bottom.

The heavy canvas bottom might be my favorite thing!  I need to clear my needles a bit of WIPs and then I can’t wait to get a project started that will live in this bag!

Did anyone else get anything yarny for Mothers Day?

The Coupon Codes Get Me Every Time

Podcasts plus late night knitting plus a coupon code led me astray. I was watching the Grocery Girls and they were sent a coupon code from Bags by Awesome Grannie (I have one of her bags already and it is amazing) and I fell for it. I mean it was 20% off and I am itching to start my Charlotte Winter sweater and it needs a home right??

I picked up a sheepy themed sweater bag with a matching notions pouch. I checked and all my caked up bulky sweater yarn fits comfortably in this bag all at once. I’m pretty jazzed! Just don’t tell my hubby or my yarn savings account. I need to be saving up for Winter Woolfest in January!!

Happy Knitting!!

Bandwagon Adjacent

When I was cleaning out my knitting tote the other day, I found I have quite the collections of various kinds of knitting pins. A couple were purchased and the rest were included in prize packages or yarn orders. Now I don’t have a Fringe Supply Co Field Bag nor the desire to acquire one. But what I do have is a canvas “test” notions bag my mother made for a sample. It currently holds all my various stitch markers. I thought the plain canvas was a great foil for my bits and bobs of knitting pins. What do you think?

I don’t think I will jump on the pin collecting band wagon in full force. But when a pin finds its way to me, now I have a home for it!

Happy Knitting!!

Prize Surprise

Awhile back I completed the Ice Cream and Soda mitts by Melanie Berg for the #BigBadBergALong last fall. I entered my FO in several of the podcast group contests. Well turns out I won in the In A sKnit group!

It’s a lovely small project bag made by 19 Stitches.  

Inside was a veritable treasure trove!

I received an adorable set of stitch markers, a mini skein, a frixion pen, and a matching WIP cozy. I may have done a little happy dance when this arrived in the post. I highly recommend checking out the video podcast by Krisluvswool and 19 Stitches Etsy shop.

Happy Knitting!

FO Friday: Everlasting Bagstopper

Happy FO Friday! I have finished my Everlasting Bagstopper!!



The knitting was really really fast. Just about a week of evenings and one weekend. The pattern is easily memorized. Here are the details:

Pattern: Everlasting Bagstopper

Yarn: Lily Sugar N Cream Cotton in yellow

Needles: US 5 and US 10 1/2

Straps: I picked up some yellow grosgrain ribbon with white polka dots as I had no desire to knit straps, lol.20140531-215558-78958682.jpg


I used approximately 266.4 yards or 155 grams. This was about 2.2 skeins of yarn. I have oodles of this cotton hanging out in my stash and this was a GREAT stash-busting project! This would be a pattern I’d definitely repeat, especially for a quick gift knit.

Happy Friday!


A Shiny New Yarn Tote

My momma loves me and is a total enabler when it comes to my knitting. Look at the primo tote bag she scored for me!


I am not sure what company this is from, but I love it just the same. It’s actually two pieces combined.


The first is a solid box designed to hold paperwork or file folders. Then the other is a soft sided tote with two outside pockets on one side and three on the other.  And the middle is one big open bag. The two work together very nicely!!!


My mother knows how OCD I am when it comes to organization. And she spoils me and I love her very much. Now to pick out a project to live in it….maybe my grown up sophisticate, the leg warmers that have been languishing at the bottom of my WIP pile, or maybe my nutmeg sweater!

Weekend Project Roundup

I read an interesting post by another blogger sometime last week about her love of bags and organization for her WIP and projects. I chuckled out loud reading because I have the same compulsion desire! And this weekend I did some cleaning in my craft room and I though I’d do a “bag/organization flash”

First up, here is a tote bag full of ruffle yarn destined to be tutus. I have the correct needle size and a laminated pattern in there as well.



Next up, my Stashbustin’ #19 project. This is an active project for the Sage Yarn FAL. So it doesn’t have a bigger bag.  Just a plastic yarn case from Micheals to keep the dog hair off my skeins of yarn and to keep them from rolling around as I work.



Next up, my Stashbustin’ #25 project, Baby Sophisticate! I haven’t actually cast on this as of yet. But I have the pattern marked up for the right size and the yarn is hanging out in the hand made yarn protector from my mother. I need to work up a gauge swatch….



This is my Stashbustin’ #26, Bulky Garter Stitch Balacava. Nothing fancy here either. Just a plastic bag to keep dog hair off my yarn. I still need to measure my co-workers head/hat size before I mark up the pattern instructions.


And finally Stashbustin’ #24, Spiral Leg Warmers. I went all out for this one…yep that’s right that’s a zip lock bag holding my yarn. Not fancy but keeps thing dry and clean!



And sometimes these smaller bags/projects get tossed into bigger bags. Here is a tote (also from Micheals)  that is currently holding my leg warmers, baby sophisticate, and balaclava. Not to mention two cases worth of needles, lots of notions, pens, and pencils.


Sometimes just having things organized neatly makes all this work seem less daunting!  Plus I always have something I can grab when I’m on the go or need to travel with a project. Not to mention it keeps my projects out of reach from my puppy that likes to hibernate on them, lol!!

How do you store your projects?

Movie Theater Knitting

I hate sitting still doing nothing. And I married a man who loves movies. See my dilemma? Insert movie theatre knitting projects. I generally favor ruffle scarves and stockinette projects.

In the last month the husband has taken me to see Flight with Denzel Washington and the Oscar nominated Life of Pi. I cast on a simple stockinette tube to make a case for my workout mat.


Round and round she went in circles. Made with Sugar N Cream cotton in bright pink. I knit until I had a tube 2 inches longer than my mat and then started simple K2tog decreases to taper the end. I also threw in a few yarn overs in the 5th row to make eyelets to feed through a cord for a closure. Finished off with a garter strap for carrying.

<img src="" alt="20130223-130431.jpg" class="alignno


I could feel the stitches on my needles and therefore no need to have light to work. The tube was almost completely made in the theatre. The finishing bits I did complete at home with the aid of light. It stretched a bit in the strap but I don’t mind. It still keeps my mat from getting gunky. I also love that it’s washable cuz it takes quite a beating as I drag it back and forth to the gym.

What do you knit in the movies, or do you?