FO Friday: Everlasting Bagstopper

Happy FO Friday! I have finished my Everlasting Bagstopper!!



The knitting was really really fast. Just about a week of evenings and one weekend. The pattern is easily memorized. Here are the details:

Pattern: Everlasting Bagstopper

Yarn: Lily Sugar N Cream Cotton in yellow

Needles: US 5 and US 10 1/2

Straps: I picked up some yellow grosgrain ribbon with white polka dots as I had no desire to knit straps, lol.20140531-215558-78958682.jpg


I used approximately 266.4 yards or 155 grams. This was about 2.2 skeins of yarn. I have oodles of this cotton hanging out in my stash and this was a GREAT stash-busting project! This would be a pattern I’d definitely repeat, especially for a quick gift knit.

Happy Friday!


WIP Wednesday: Barley

Balancing my fatigue/all the time mornning sickness and desire to make adorable things for Jellybean is killing me! I have barely started my hexi-ghan. And by barely starting, I mean I have picked out two colors to alternate stripes in red-ish cotton and purple cotton.

Maybe I need something smaller and portable? After my success with Rye by Tin Can Knits, I thought about Barley by the same designer….


(All photo rights to Tin Can Knits and their Ravelry page)

A nice worsted weight project with some neat design elements without being too masculine or feminine. Maybe in some nice Knit Picks Brava Worsted in a nice deep wine color?

Happy Wednesday!

2014 Stashbustin’ #14: Hexi-ghan

I think I have found my next project and it’s perfect for my current knitting mood! I give you Hexi-ghan by verybusymonkey!


(Photo credit to @verybusymonkey and Hexi-ghan Rav page)

This afghan beauty is knit one hexagon at a time. After the first one you pick up some of the stitches from your finished hexagon to start the next one. So no seaming!!! This is the perfect project for my mood right now. Instant gratification when you complete a hexagon but it builds to a larger project.

I am planning to use up my stash of Bernat Cottontots cotton. Which is sadly discontinued now! (If anyone has any Cottontots hanging out in their stash they want to bargain/trade/donate PLEASE let me know. I seriously love this stuff!!)

I haven’t decided if I want to do colors by rows or just knit the colors randomly as I go. Do I want a patterned design or free form art….what would you do?

’14 Stashbustin’ #2: Appi Slopes

We are smack dab in the heart of winter here in Kansas. And I need more hats to cover up my noggin on my walks with the fur children. My Rav queue is LOADED with hats I want to try. So I closed my eyes and just clicked one…the winner is….

Appi Slopes by Melissa Mall!



(Photo from Melissa Mall’s ravelry page)

This pattern calls for DK weight yarn on size US 3 needles. I just adore the stiffened brim! I pulled some Berroco Comfort DK in primary blue from my stash. I need a little pop of color in this the dead of winter. This yarn was fun to work with before, you may remember it from my lacy hats in 2013.

Now I just need to track down a bit of plastic canvas or other platic medium from which to cut the brim stiffening bit….I’m thinking milk carton…..I might have to think about this!

Happy Knitting!

New Years Knitting

Happy New Year!!! I hope every had a safe and fun celebration! I worked 13+ hours at my big kid job as I always do on NYE. The blessings of being an accountant at year end, oh wait! So I wasn’t feeling very festive, but I made it to Midnight for a smooch with my hubby. Then promptly off to bed 🙂

In knitting news, I have decided to do another year of stashbustin’ in 2014! And in honor of the first day of the new year, here is my first project…

Jericho Baby Blanket by Shana Schasteen



(Photo from Shana Schasteen’s ravelry page) 

This is a center out blanket made with super bulky yarn. Awhile back I discovered I had several skeins of Wool Ease Thick and Quick in black, dark grey, and cream/off white in my stash. I can’t remember why I bought them…I dislike scratchy wool. So I gave the skeins a gentle tumble in my washing machine to soften them. Thanks goodness with only minimal tangling! And off to knitting I go…

I plan to make this pattern with alternating stripes of light and dark. The four row pattern repeats offer a nice way to change colors and keeping the stripes the same And the bonus side of center out construction, I can work until I run out of yarn! Not to mention this super bulky yarn on size US 11 needles should go CRAZY fast! What better way to kick off the new year?

I don’t know what I will do with the FO? Maybe donate to the local women’s shelter or homeless shelter? I have enough blankets in my house already to fill two tote bins. This blanket is wool so the offset to being very warm is that it will require special washing care. I hate giving people items that require a lot of extra special care. Most non-fiber people I know find this very annoying…what’s a knitter to do?

WIP Wednesday: Stashbusting Gloves

I feel like shouting….”Once more into the breach!!!”

Are these gloves starting to look familiar? Well guess what, they should be! These are some Simple Fingerless Mitts (take three) or my Stashbustin’ #42 project.

P.S. sorry for the bad lighting….it’s getting so dark so early it’s hard to get good pics!



I wanted to make another gift pair and do a little odds and ends stashbusting. I had some Berroco Vintage DK in orange from my first two pair of gloves and some Berroco Vintage worsted in yellow from my Brick Sweater.  They colors looked good together so off I went.

I weighed each remaining lot of yarn and divided in half. One half for each glove. I worked the orange (dk) in 2×2 rib until I ran out. Then I proceeded on with the pattern in the yellow (worsted) until I ran out of yarn. I wasn’t able to fully complete the 2×2 rib at the top, or really at all. So the mitt curls a bit…ok a lot. I’m going to give this first mitt a bath and a block to see if it solves the curl. Otherwise I’ll rip back and correct it. Then of course….knit the matching mate to go with.

Honest opinion time….do you guys think this glove works?

Only a few more weeks till Xmas…..

Stashbustin’ Stat Update

This year is almost up!!! I can’t believe how fast it’s gone and Christmas is right around the corner. My Mom and I had a wonderful day this past weekend selling at the craft fair.  And boy howdy, are we tired! Being a knitting masochist, I have another craft fair yet to come before Christmas! I need to get back to my needles to “restock” my wares!

So today, instead of a object orientated post I’d like to share my “progress” this year on stash busting.

  • I have 42 Stashbustin’ projects in 2013 (not counting special request and craft fair wares)
  • I have completed 31 projects, frogged 2 projects, four projects are in hibernation, and I have five current WIPs.
  • I have knit approximately 8.56 miles and have another 1.88 miles on the needles
  • I have donated 1 mile of yarn to charity
  • And despite my best efforts…..added 8.94 miles of yarn back to my stash

Now I am still in the black as far as yarn in/yarn out. But I bought a lot of yarn this year. Some was for specific projects and special orders. Others was just because I could. I did get rid of some of my less than tasty bits of yarn and replaced it with better and higher quality fiber.

My stashbustin’ efforts may slow down a bit as we march towards 12/31, as I do last minute holiday gifts and restocking my craft wares. But I think I have made solid progress this year! I am still debating if I do another year of stashbustin’ in 2014 or some other method of measurement. I’m leaning towards another year of stashbusting just so I can see if I can beat my previous years levels…

Any thoughts?

Coffee Update

My Little Coffee Bean Sweater is almost done!!


This is my Stashbustin’ #30 for those keeping track. I followed the pattern as written except for the color changes. I knit the body in solid blue and the ribbed edges in yellow.

I used 85.5 yards or 45 grams of Knit Picks Dishie Solids in Creme Brulee (yellow) and 180.5 yards or 95 grams of Knit Picks Dishie Solids in Jay (blue). It was a pretty quick knit as well. I’m just needing to do the buttons. But I can decide!!

So here is where I am asking the wisdom of the knitting community. Do you like the white stars, yellow stars, or blue stars?


FO Friday: Baby Sophisticate #2

And this Friday I bring to you another FO! I have finished my Baby Sophisticate #2!! (Stashbustin’ #28)


This time around I made the 0-3 month size. I used Caron Simply Soft again in Berry Blue. I used 100 grams or 185 yards of yarn. I started with a partial skein and I only had 5-6 yards left of yarn.



This smaller size only took me a few evenings of TV knitting. I did notice that my tension changed when I used the DPNs on the sleeves. Not that anyone else would notice. It bugs me a little….not enough to frog and start over though!



The buttons were some I had hanging out in the stash. The color is very close to the yarn but isn’t as matchy/matchy as the picture shows.



This pattern is so amazing and this is fast becoming my favorite go-to project for baby present knits. I cannot recommend this pattern enough! I don’t have a recipient for this sweater yet, so in the baby present stash it goes!

Happy Friday Everybody!!!

Stashbustin’ #30: Little Coffee Bean Sweater

Earlier this year I made a Mud Season sweater designed by Elizabeth Smith (The Brown Stitch) and I LOVED it!!

Then I saw this….



(Photo from elizknits / Elizabeth Smith Rav page)

This is the Little Coffee Bean Sweater from The Brown Stitch. I already have so many things in my WIP pile but I just couldn’t help it!!! I have some amazing Knit Picks worsted Dishie Cotton in my stash. I have two skeins of Jay (blue) and one skein of Creme Brulee (yellow).




These are my old high school colors and so I am partial to this combination! I plan to stray from the pattern a bit. I am not going to work the alternating stripes as shown. I am going to do yellow button bands and collar with a solid blue body. Maybe a yellow stripe in the middle of the body? What do you guys think?



This is a top down raglan construction cardigan. This construction is the first sweater method I learned and it’s quickly becoming old hat. I love it!!  I’m making the 6 month size. I can’t wait to finish this one 🙂

And so, this little amazing sweater is now my Stashbustin’ #30!!!