Cast On: Crocheted Rainbow

After my disappointing turn with PB’s crochet blanket I decided to work on one that I know will be more successful. Thanks to my tossing of the stash I found that I had almost a perfect rainbow in bulky acrylic yarn. This yarn is DEEP stash from 2013-ish consisting of some Premier Chunky Solids and Loops and Threads Charisma. Both are an 100% acrylic 2-ply yarn with roughly 100 yards per skein.

I did cheat and buy the yellow and sage green from Micheal’s to fill out my rainbow that I was missing from stash. Thank you curbside pickup! My only disappointment was that there was no orange available in my stash or in the store. But this is a stash busting project so I’m plowing ahead!

I pulled my N or 10 MM hook and a tote bag from Chelsea yarns and kitted up this project. I really finding that I enjoy the really large scale crochet. It is really easy to see where my hook needs to go and the projects go SUPER fast. So I get that quick win of a finished object. And this project will clear roughly 1,100 yards of deep stash from my bins.

Happy Crochet!

Cast On: Autumn League Pullover

I have had crazy sweater mojo here lately. It’s all I feel drawn to right now. I have a Worsted Boxy on the needles in a neutral colored Berroco yarn. But that didn’t stop me from casting on the Autumn League Pullover by Alexandra Tavel after I saw one being worn by the Jodi of the Grocery Girls podcast.

I printed the free version of the pattern and marked it up for the medium/large size, grabbed some needles and yarn and just started knitting. I pulled some Lion Brand Heartland yarn in the Acadia colorway (that has been in my stash for 5 year) because its a pretty soft 100% acrylic yarn that had the appropriate yardage I needed. It’s basically the same color as my Worsted Boxy. whoops!  I didn’t gauge swatch or pre-plan at all. This could be a total disaster…for real.

Speaking of disaster, did any of you catch the minor disaster in the photo above? When I pulled needles I just grabbed my plastic interchangeable that I have had since 2009. They had the right needles size and cord length so I could cast on right away. Well….these needles have seen better days. And as I was pushing the growing number of stitches around the cord….it came unlocked/un-clicked and I dropped about 25 stitches.

I grabbed a tapestry needle and some scrap yarn and scooped  up those stitches before they could run. I was pleasantly surprised that for 100% acrylic the stitches stayed pretty much put. I got wise after this and dug out my Knit Picks aluminum interchangeable needles and transferred my work to those. I made sure to use the key to tighten the cords.

I’m not sure if changing needle types will change my gauge or not. But after looking at my work I can already see places where I was purling flat that have some noticeable tension/gauge differences that I can see. So what the heck would a few more of those bother? This is comfy sweatshirt style pullover that I probably will just wear around the house. I just really want to be knitting soothing stockinette in the round forever and ever.

I am wondering if I am switching from a product knitter to a process knitter…zounds!!

Happy Knitting!!

Holy Cow!

I’ve written before that my mother is also a “crafter” and I come by this urge compulsion hereditarily. Now she primarily sews, cross stitches, quilts, and crotchets. I stay firmly in knitting with a bit of sewing thrown in. Possibly a bit of mother/daughter rebellion?

But I digress….upon her last visit my mother brought this little crocheted gem for Jellybean’s nursery.


This is a delightful toy made from a book she picked up at Joann’s Fabric. (I can’t remember what the title was.) But momma whipped this up in no time out of some Caron Simply soft acrylic. I have named her Betsy, fitting don’t you think? Now to find her a place to live in the nursery…

I have no doubt that this is the first of many toys and grandma surprises. Jellybean is going to up to his or her eyeballs in yarny goodness between the two of us!

Happy crafting!

Yarn Sale: free yarn!!

This yarn has found it’s new home. Thanks for those who emailed.

Finally, I have some assorted acrylic from when I first learned to knit. This particular lot is FREE to a good home!!! All I ask is for is $3 to offset my shipping costs.


  • 3.4 oz of Yarn Bee Fleece light in Sweet Mocha Lot #2980
  • 4.1 oz of Yellow acrylic yarn. Probably DK weight
  • 2.4 oz Rainbow Classic in Pink Solid lot #1790

Any questions? Email me at

If you see something you like, leave a comment with your name and email and I’ll message you about the lot. I will only be accepting payment via Paypal. First come, first served. If someone backs out, I will move on to the next comment email according to time. Don’t leave your address or personal information in a comment. I’ll email you to get specifics so the whole internet doesn’t have to see 🙂



A Special Request Completed!

Tah dah…my special request Breast Beanie is done!!! This is Stashbustin’ #35.


This hat was super simple and super easy. Only took a couple of hours over a few days. I opted for Caron Simply Soft for the durability and easy care. This wee hat is knit from the brim up and finished on DPNs.



I used 53.6 yards or 28 grams of Caron Simply Soft in soft pink and 7.6 yards or 4 grams of Caron Simply Soft in dusty rose. And the finished size is definately newborn to 3 months old. The fabric is pretty solid, but does have some give/stretch.



My only criticism is that the nipple portion is very pointy for my taste. And I don’t like the rolled brim. Just a personal style choice. I am going to cast on another version in white/pink. And I will make the brim in 2×2 ribbing and the nipple shorter. I think I will wait to see how that version turns out before I show the momma to be. Who knows…she may just get both!

Happy Knitting

FO Friday: Baby Sophisticate #2

And this Friday I bring to you another FO! I have finished my Baby Sophisticate #2!! (Stashbustin’ #28)


This time around I made the 0-3 month size. I used Caron Simply Soft again in Berry Blue. I used 100 grams or 185 yards of yarn. I started with a partial skein and I only had 5-6 yards left of yarn.



This smaller size only took me a few evenings of TV knitting. I did notice that my tension changed when I used the DPNs on the sleeves. Not that anyone else would notice. It bugs me a little….not enough to frog and start over though!



The buttons were some I had hanging out in the stash. The color is very close to the yarn but isn’t as matchy/matchy as the picture shows.



This pattern is so amazing and this is fast becoming my favorite go-to project for baby present knits. I cannot recommend this pattern enough! I don’t have a recipient for this sweater yet, so in the baby present stash it goes!

Happy Friday Everybody!!!

FO Friday: Aunt Martha’s Prayer Blanket

Tah dah!!!! Aunt Marta’s Prayer Blanket is done!



After a good bath and days of drying….the edges still curl (ARGH). I know it was more to hope from acrylic but still. The center also still has a little pooch. Laying flat it looks a bit like a volcano. And the outside is a bit warped like a spider web? I improvised this blanket based on the basic concepts of the Constant Square Blanket by Tina Laiho.


I have to say that even with my trepidation about the colors, I rather like them together in the FO.



My end product is a 38 by 40 inch square(ish) blanket. I used 882 yards or 340 grams of Caron Simply Soft yarns. I used Dusty Rose, Watermelon, and Light pink. I went down a needle size to US 7 for this project to create a tighter fabric.



Now all that’s left is to package this up and send off to Aunt Martha for her new home! Now, I’m off to pack to spend the weekend with my best friend as she celebrates the impending birth of her baby girl! Happy Friday to All!!!



FO Friday: Chevron Lap Blanket



Well, this Stashbustin‘ project is finally done!! It has been a little more than a month in the making. It may or may not have started out as a baby blanket.… But I kept working and working and after some friendly blogger advice it’s done now!! I used 12 skeins of yarn (9 from my stash and 3 I purchased to make the finished length I wanted). I have to admit that it’s actually a lap blanket. But I don’t care, I love it!! I am so obsessed with chevrons right now.




Being made of Loops & Threads Charisma this blanket is machine washable and dryer ready. So this blanket has had it’s first bath and spin in the dryer. It did fuzz up a bit both during knitting as the blanket sat on my lap and in the wash/dry. But to me it adds character and is the hallmark of a much loved and cherished hand knit. The pattern by the Purl Bee was amazing!! Not the first time I have made this and won’t be the last!!




I claim victory over this blanket of epic proportions!!! This blanket is destined for me. I might keep it in the car since my husband loves the A/C or it might be my couch blanket. If I leave it in the house….it WILL get covered in dog hair that never really washes out, lol. But I love my dogs and so it’s not their fault of course.

My Rav link is here for those who are interested. Happy Knitting to everyone and I’m off for a weekend of knitting fun! Should I start something new or work on one of my WIPs?

So many choices….