FO Friday: Bits and Bobs Blanket

Thanks to my project monogamy during Christmas vlogs, I have a finished crochet blanket! The Bits and Bobs Blanket is done, washed and ready to ship to my GG.

Pattern: None, its just a 65 stitch blanket worked with my own version of half double crochet

Yarn: Assorted Loops and Threads Charisma, Premier Serenity Chunky and some mystery acylic with no tag

Hook: US N or 10MM

The red yarn did end up bleeding on the white yarn making it slightly pink. I should have known but I figured commercial yarn was dyed better than that usually. I don’t think my GG will care because it is still warm. I need to dig out a shipping box. I think I will wrap the blanket in Christmas paper and then put inside the box with a note that says “do not open until Christmas” on it.

Happy Crafting!!

Bits and Bobs Progress

My Bits and Bobs Blanket is now over half way done. My current “go to” evening is crochet on this blanket by the Christmas lights while I watch all the YouTube knitting vlogs. I have to make sure I stay caught up on The Corner of Craft, Chelsea Yarns and Stranded blogs. They are a sweet treat to cap off long days.

This blanket is working up nicely and I actually like how the colors look together. I am now at the point I need to work back through the color sequence: black, red, grey and then border the whole thing in tan. I want to get this done and washed so that I can mail it to my GG. She has already decided that she is not attending any Christmas gatherings so I want her to have a special treat under her tree.

Happy Crafting!!

Casting On: Bits and Bobs Blanket

Next up on my blanket train is a blanket lot of bulky acrylic in vaguely Christmas-ish colors.

The black skein is a partial skein so I think I will split it equally in half and put between the red and purple. But I’m feeling good about this lineup. I think this is just enough yarn to make a nice car sized lap blanket for my grandmother.

I do have white on one side and grey on the other but I think it will make it quirky blanket. I plan on using my trusty 10mm or US N hook and just working my self taught kind of weird half double crochet. It goes quickly and really busts through my stash! I seem to have all the blanket mojo right now, lol.

Happy Crafting!!

A Frog and a Cast On

Remember that cowl yesterday…..yeah that hit the frog pond. I can’t explain it why but I hated it. I was only a couple rows in, it just made me unhappy. So riiiiiiiiip it went!

Since I already had needles and and a bag ready I formulated a new plan! A stash-busting cowl with Berry Colorful Yarnings leftover that will earn even more points for the KAL!

I pulled some grey sock yarn from Joanns to pair with my leftovers from my Spooky Vanilla Socks. I cast on 200 stitches in the round on size 5 US needles. I plan on working in garter stitch for a few rows then switch to stockinette. After a couple of inches of grey I’ll knit a section of spooky stripes with half of my leftovers. This will be followed by another small grey section, the other half of spooky stripe section, and finally a matching grey stockinette to garter section to finish and cast off.

On this cast on I even got to use my row counter to help me keep track of how many multiples of ten I had cast on! It helped tremendously…

Now to get to the knitting so I can be done by November 30thb

A Plain Rye

I bit the bullet and joined the Socks with Sarah KAL over on Ravelry! There are some SERIOUSLY cool socks rocking over there!!

For my next KAL project I decided to take a twist on my last set of socks.



Pattern: Rye by Tincanknits

Yarn: Knit Picks Swish Worsted (100% merino and should make WARM socks!) in Squirrel Heather

Needles: US 4 and 5 dpns

Size: Large

Mods: I’m going to omit the garter ridges on the top of the foot and up the cuff. Don’t get me wrong they are gorgeous! I really like the fit of this sock and want a basic “vanilla” sock right now.

Have you ever modified a sock to fit your “flavor”?

2014 Stashbustin’ #12: Assisted Hatching

It’s WIP Wendesday!!!

Bolstered by yesterday’s gorgeous sweater and a ginormous case of start-itis, I cast on another baby sweater. Baby fever + start-itis = more WIPs than my husband can handle!

But how can you resist this? Assisted Hatching by Elizabeth Ditchburn Dew….


(Photo credit to © kitchenerstitch and the Assisted Hatching Rav pg)

I’m really glad I have two sets of interchangeable needles, lol…..because I have already made good progress on this sweater!


Yarn: Caron Simply Soft in Pagoda

Needles: US 8 circs (Denise Interchangeable)

Size: 0-3 months

Happy Knitting!!!

’14 Stashbustin’ #2: Appi Slopes

We are smack dab in the heart of winter here in Kansas. And I need more hats to cover up my noggin on my walks with the fur children. My Rav queue is LOADED with hats I want to try. So I closed my eyes and just clicked one…the winner is….

Appi Slopes by Melissa Mall!



(Photo from Melissa Mall’s ravelry page)

This pattern calls for DK weight yarn on size US 3 needles. I just adore the stiffened brim! I pulled some Berroco Comfort DK in primary blue from my stash. I need a little pop of color in this the dead of winter. This yarn was fun to work with before, you may remember it from my lacy hats in 2013.

Now I just need to track down a bit of plastic canvas or other platic medium from which to cut the brim stiffening bit….I’m thinking milk carton…..I might have to think about this!

Happy Knitting!

2013 Knitting Wrap Up

Being a consummate accountant and OCD organizer, I dearly love spread sheets and logging things. And thanks to the help of Ravelry and MS Excel I did a pretty good job of tracking my 2013 stashbustin’ efforts!

I didn’t set any goals or benchmarks. I simply knit what I needed to and wanted to. Then logged my activity. When it comes to knitting I have a hard time working on things that don’t speak to me or suit my mood. I don’t stick to deadlines or project lists very well when it comes to knitting. Hence my many cases of “start-itis” during the year.  Here is what I accomplished.

  • Attempted 59 Stashbustin’ projects total.
  • Completed 50 projects, frogged 3 projects, and sent 6 projects into hibernation/time out
  • Knit 20,287 yards, 60,860 feet, or 11.57 miles of yarn
  • Used up 148.63 skeins of yarn

Now on the flip side, I did add a little yarn to my stash…okay maybe a lot.

  • Purchased 19,992 yards, 59,976 feet, or 11.36 miles of yarn
  • Added 142 skeins of yarn

So I netted out 295 yards, 884 feet, or .21 miles down in “stash”. Roughly 6.63 skeins, lol! In my defense I really feel that over the past couple of years that as my skills have expanded, my taste in yarn has changed. I liken it to the drying of ones palette when you are a wine drinker. So even though I added back to my stash, I did so with better quality and finer yarns. I am getting rid of the “cheap” stuff and replacing it with “good” yarn.

How will I do in 2014? I don’t really know. And I don’t care, lol! I simply like to knit and just see what happens!!

WIP Wednesday: Sleeves

My Nutmeg sweater or Stashbustin’ #37 is getting sleeves!!


I was swimming along the body section and noticed my yarn quickly disappearing. I decided to pause on the body and work the sleeves (oh the joy of interchangeable needles!) lest I run out of yarn.


I’m one sleeve down and quickly dispensing with the second. They are quite lovely and are giving me the tight fit I was missing on my Brick sweater. I am finding once again that I have to cut out a few pattern repeats on the sleeves to fit my shortish arms. I also opted for garter ribbed sleeve cuffs.

Now, when I’m done I will then work the remaining body either to my desired length or until I run out of yarn, lol. And I’m definitely going to use the garter ribs for the hem. I think it looks very sharp!

Happy Knitting!

FAL for August!!!

I’m joining the FAL (finish-along) at Sage yarn for August! I have a case of WIPs here lately and I feel the need to finish something. I’m not giving up on my recent stash busting efforts by any means. But I need to give some monogamous time to some of my older projects!

Remember, Aunt Martha’s Prayer Blanket?


(Stashbustin’ #19)

I made fairly good progress in the beginning and even made it to the second color. But then I started second guessing the two colors together. I hemmed and hawed and the project slowly migrated to the bottom of my knitting bag. And then I saw the blog post about the FAL and I thought it was kismet!

I’m determined to finish this blanket but I fully realize that might be a lofty goal by the end of the month. But at the very least I am going to keep up with the group on Ravelry and do weekly postings. You get credit for making progress even if you don’t finish. I can’t wait to see what others are working on finishing. The Rav group is here!

Anybody else have a finishing goal?