Sleeve Proportions

Another WIP that saw some decent progress during the trip to my parents. I packed Jellybean’s Mackenzie 5-ply sweater and finished one sleeve. The new short circular needle was just the trick to reduce laddering and make the sleeve zoom.

Except for one thing that didn’t occur to me until I was completely done with sleeve number one. IT’S HUGE!! I mean like completely and totally ginormous.

That’s my adult 34 year old hand sticking out the end of my 4 year old’s sweater. I had Jellybean slip this on as well. The length was bang on and the fit in the sleeve cap was nice….the rest of the sleeve was just ludicrous.

I sat patiently in the winter sunlight and put my needle back in just past the sleeve cap where the arm started and RIIIIIPPPED back a whole sleeve. Based on some fussing around when Jellybean was wearing this I need to reduce the stitch count by about 1/3 to just under 1/2 over the course of the arm.

My plan is to get some locking stitch markers, work out the number of decreases against the finished length that works on Jellybean and just taper the snot out of this puppy. Using the locking stitch markers as a guide to help me re-create what I did on the second sleeve. I don’t know if this is a pattern feature or problem. I am making the 7 year old sized pattern to fit my larger than average 4 year old. But these sleeves had 70+ stitches….that seems excessive for even a 7 year old!

This will need a tiny time out so I can pout before picking this back up again. The silver lining? With all the extra decreases I won’t have to work as many stitches this time and it should go faster!

Happy Knitting!!

Pigskin Party Frog It Challenge

Every year I participate in the Down Cellar Studio’s football KAL, the Pigskin Party KAL. In addition to knitting items for points the KAL also includes things called “interceptions” or side challenges. In October they had a Frog It Interception. And I had just the thing to participate with. This is my Stockinette Shrug I made back in 2012. It was my first “real” sweater and made from some Berroco Vintage DK. I never wore it after I took FO photos. It’s too big, not flattering at all, and not easy to style.

So I took this pile of wrinkly sweater….

And turned it into this….

I lost a little bit of yarn cutting into the bind off and dealing with where the ends were woven in. And I haven’t weighed this yarn yet to see what I have left. But it should be a little over three skeins of DK. The next step for this will be to wind them in to hanks and give them a good wash and whack to relax the yarn.

I have no designs on what I will use this yarn for next. But for now I’m happy to have an unhappy FO returned to the state of happy yarn. Not to mention earning a few points for the KAL!

Happy Knitting!!

Oh Yarn Balls

You guys….baby brain and sleep deprivation are a real thing. I’m back to work (and I take PB with me) and I feel like I run ALL DAY LONG. I am happy with my choice but boy is it a different way to work. It definitely has it ups and downs. I have found myself doing the silliest things.

Case in point….PB’s Sporty Cardigan #2….I picked this up and merrily knitted during a nap. I thought I knew where where I was but that was a bald faced lie. I started doing my increases on the wrong side of the work. And after three garter bumps my issue became apparent. I literally exclaimed “Oh Yarn Balls” to the bewilderment of my hubby.

I took a deep breath and told myself I was the boss of my knitting. I knew that this would bother me and I really needed to fix it. So I pulled out some fingering waste yarn and put in a lifeline where the work was correct. And then….I ripped out the needles and frogged.

I was totally racing the clock of PB’s naptime. But I managed to get all the needles back in the stitches without too much headache before PB woke up.

I was quite pleased with myself and I know I’ll be happier with the finished product. I’m just mad I lost an ENTIRE nap time worths of progress on this baby sweater to a stupid sleep deprived mistake. I literally ended back right where I started. I guess the silver lining is that even when crazy tired I can still read my knitting….after a few row anyway, lol

Happy Knitting!!


A Frog and a Cast On

Remember that cowl yesterday…..yeah that hit the frog pond. I can’t explain it why but I hated it. I was only a couple rows in, it just made me unhappy. So riiiiiiiiip it went!

Since I already had needles and and a bag ready I formulated a new plan! A stash-busting cowl with Berry Colorful Yarnings leftover that will earn even more points for the KAL!

I pulled some grey sock yarn from Joanns to pair with my leftovers from my Spooky Vanilla Socks. I cast on 200 stitches in the round on size 5 US needles. I plan on working in garter stitch for a few rows then switch to stockinette. After a couple of inches of grey I’ll knit a section of spooky stripes with half of my leftovers. This will be followed by another small grey section, the other half of spooky stripe section, and finally a matching grey stockinette to garter section to finish and cast off.

On this cast on I even got to use my row counter to help me keep track of how many multiples of ten I had cast on! It helped tremendously…

Now to get to the knitting so I can be done by November 30thb


In a fit of knitting furvor….I failed to pay attention. I was just zooming along on mitt number two and only eyeballing it compared to mitt one. See the problem?

I’m like like 3/4 inch short on the second one. Enough to make my OCD brain hurt…so this happened.

These don’t take long to knit so I should have it fixed up in no time!

Happy Knitting!