In a fit of knitting furvor….I failed to pay attention. I was just zooming along on mitt number two and only eyeballing it compared to mitt one. See the problem?

I’m like like 3/4 inch short on the second one. Enough to make my OCD brain hurt…so this happened.

These don’t take long to knit so I should have it fixed up in no time!

Happy Knitting!

7 thoughts on “Whoops!

  1. The OCD brain in me sees the OCD brain in you 😀
    I’d do the exact same thing, it feels so much better when you get past the row of doom and move on.

  2. I have done this myself and wonder if you have ever tried knitting 2 at a time? You can use the magic loop, or 2 circulars as well. It solves the issue and does take a bit to get used too, but is well worth the effort. They are still pretty!

  3. At least they were a simple knit;-). I’ve found myself tinking back on complicated patterns lately…oh, the frustration of flicking and tinking…Isn’t their an easier way? Alas, I was going to first suggest that perhaps your arms were different lengths. May they finish better for you;-)

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