FO Friday: Rachelle’s Fingerless Gloves

As promised I have my fingerless gloves fixed in no time! They hit the FO pile :O)

 Pattern: My own (rav notes here)

Yarn: Two Windows Dye Works (Hutchinson, KS) in variegated purple

Needles: US 2s

Size 52 stitches total
 I ended up using only about 36 grams or 155 yards of fingering weight. So they don’t take much yardage at all. They are very snug with a fair bit of negative ease. Very nice fit for my bony wrists but probably a bit small for the average sized wrist. I’m still going to make a matching pair for my mother-in-law but I’ll need to go up to 58 or 60 stitches I think. They yarn was very lovely to work with. I think I should have enough left after the matching set of gloves to work a short pair of socks. That is I can find a coordinating color for the heel and cuffs.

That’s all for now! Have a great weekend and Happy Knitting!!

4 thoughts on “FO Friday: Rachelle’s Fingerless Gloves

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