Christmas Eve Cast On

I admit I am struggling to get fully into the holiday spirit. I knew I wanted a Christmas Eve cast on but I just couldn’t decide what I wanted it to be. So I decided to make up a kit from stuff I already had. And it worked out nicely

I pulled out last year’s Christmas pajamas and I’m just praying they fit after my COVID weight gain. And then I grabbed a bottle of wine off my wine rack that I have been meaning to try.

Next up was the yarn and pattern I received as part of my 2020 Nomad Yarns retreat back in October. I grabbed the Transforming Mitts pattern by Erika Kempf Broughton and the yarn of Tweed Rocks from Nomad Yarns. It feels good to use this yarn with the pattern it was designed for.

It’s not the perfect AHA project I have had in years past. But it’s good enough for 2020. And I mostly can’t wait to put the world aside and just watch Christmas through my children’s eyes. We are going to “bubble” with my parents and isolate from the world on their property. All I want for Christmas is knitting, a good wine and not to be the primary adult for a little bit.

What do you want Santa to bring you?

An Almost Finished Rainbow Mitt

My Rainbow Pop Fingerless Mitts are moving right along.

I’ve made A TON of mistakes because I’m mainly knitting these in the dark after the kiddos go to bed. I have uttered a lot of curse words and mostly gone back and fixed the dropped stitches and wonky yarn bits. But these will be FAR from perfect. My needles are also very sharp and I feel like that is part of my problem too (besides the dark).

I completely just winged this “pattern” and I really hope I can duplicate for the second mitt! The rubber will really hit the road when I cast off the cuff and try these babies on. I have no idea how these will fit other than I know they will fit over my fist.

Happy Knitting!!

FO Friday: Donna’s Fingerless Gloves

My second set of gloves are DONE!!

 Pattern: My own, Rav notes here

Yarn: Two Windows Dye Co Knitty Bits Sock 2 in semi-solid purple

Needles: US 1 1/2s

Size: 60 stitches for average size hands

 I used just over 1/3 of the skein of sock yarn or roughly 168 yards. So this entire skein made my first pair and this pair with enough for a third pair. These have a great feel to the fabric and the yarn was nice to work with. I even entered these in the Down Cellar Studio 12 months to Christmas knit a long. This was my March entry!

Now I just need to stow these away carefully to Christmas and remember where I put them…

Happy Knitting!

Matching Gloves: Take Two

Last week I finished my half of the matching glove set and now I’ve got a great start on the second set.

I made several tweaks from my first pair. First, I went up to 60 total stitches and it has made a much more relaxed/average fit. Second I did a 1×1 rib because….well, I just wanted to. I have finally managed to type my “recipe” into Ravelry here. The first glove only took me two evenings and a lunch hour to complete. So I’m hopeful to have the second one done lickety split!

Happy Knitting!

FO Friday: Rachelle’s Fingerless Gloves

As promised I have my fingerless gloves fixed in no time! They hit the FO pile :O)

 Pattern: My own (rav notes here)

Yarn: Two Windows Dye Works (Hutchinson, KS) in variegated purple

Needles: US 2s

Size 52 stitches total
 I ended up using only about 36 grams or 155 yards of fingering weight. So they don’t take much yardage at all. They are very snug with a fair bit of negative ease. Very nice fit for my bony wrists but probably a bit small for the average sized wrist. I’m still going to make a matching pair for my mother-in-law but I’ll need to go up to 58 or 60 stitches I think. They yarn was very lovely to work with. I think I should have enough left after the matching set of gloves to work a short pair of socks. That is I can find a coordinating color for the heel and cuffs.

That’s all for now! Have a great weekend and Happy Knitting!!


In a fit of knitting furvor….I failed to pay attention. I was just zooming along on mitt number two and only eyeballing it compared to mitt one. See the problem?

I’m like like 3/4 inch short on the second one. Enough to make my OCD brain hurt…so this happened.

These don’t take long to knit so I should have it fixed up in no time!

Happy Knitting!

WIP Wednesday: My Fingerless Gloves

Glove number one is done save the thumb. I couldn’t find my US 1.5 dpns so I decided to save all the thumbs for last after finishing all the other mitts.


I like a nice long cuff that reaches back into the sleeves on my winter coat. Keeps out the drafts I tried this on and it’s a very snug but comfortable mitt for me but I have fairly slim wrists. So I’m thinking for my matching pair to go up to 60 stitches to be more forgiving.

Onward to mitt number two! Happy Knitying!!

Matching Gloves

 I was lovingly admiring my sock yarn stash the other day and doing a bunch fantasy knitting where I was matching yarn to imaginary projects. I got a lovely skein of Knotty Sock 2 from Two Windows Dye Co for Christmas. It’s a variegated pale purple. And inspiration struck, why not matching fingerless gloves for myself and the gifter?

I jotted down some calculations based on my guage and a “vanilla” fingerless glove with thumb gusset I started a 52 stitch glove with 2×2 ribbing. My progress thus far:


The yarn is very pleasant with good twist that doesn’t split. The color shifts and subtle and lovely. The combination of the two are making this project fly! I’m hoping to take good enough notes to write down the recipe on my project page…fingers crossed!

FO Friday: Reverse Rib Mitts

Thanks to a very delayed and drawn out legal meeting last week I finished my Reverse Rib Mitts!

Pattern: Reverse Rib Mitts by Holly Terrell

Yarn: Knit Picks Felici in Maple Leaves

Needles: US 2

Mods: none

I used about 60% of a 50 gram skein. They are fraternal but that’s not a problem for me. I did misread the pattern and the ribbing at the fingers is 2×2 instead of 3×1. But I made both gloves match so no one will notice but me. I really tried to love these but I don’t. I loved knitting them but not the FO. (#knitterproblems) I think these will hit the gift pile for Christmas. My sister is going to be one lucky lady this year!

Happy Knitting!!

Two Mitts, One Happy Knitter!

My Jacoby Mitts are finito!  They are snug without being too tight. The yarn is a superwash merino/nylon base so I’m hoping they stand up well with no pilling as I type and work. On a side but related note….how hard is it to take good pictures of your hands? Lol, I had to have the hubby help! Even then one hand would appear smaller/larger in the photo unless I kept my hands spaced correctly.
 I used a free pattern and yarn from my stash. A win for this girl! Not mention the instant gratification of a quick project! I absolutely adore the pops of deep purple, blues and bits of white that appear. Very much like the blackberries I used to pick in my Grandparent’s garden.

Pattern: Jacoby from Berroco

Yarn: Cloudlover Sock yarn in Blackberry Truffle

Needles: Size US 1 8″ Addi Turbo circular needle

Size: 60 stitches as per pattern

Mods: Lengthened the arm portion and finger portion to add cover more of my wrists and fingers.

These worked up easily and quickly on my circs. I am going to keep this pattern in mind for quick and easy gifts for birthday and holidays. My sister make like a pair maybe? And the best part is that this is not my only FO this week….stay tuned….

Happy Knitting!!