Cast On: Everyday Slouch Beanie

I have capitalized on my winding frenzy earlier this week and cast on my Everyday Slouchy Beanie by Dragon Hoard Designs. I also threw on the Corner of Craft podcast and had a dose of the amazing Hannah. I’m in my basement guest room/craft room surrounded by chaos but I just felt the need for a new cast on.

The project called for a provisional crochet cast on. I was not in the mood so I just did a knitted on cast on. I may regret my choice when I have to fold this brim over later in the project and join it to the live stitches on my needle. But today I didn’t have the stamina to deal with a crochet provisional cast on. I also chose to have a glass of wine in my favorite glass. The wine is a nice crisp Pinot Grigio from Yellowtail Wines.

Happy Knitting!!

FO Friday: Four Seasons Hat

My Four Seasons Hat has finished its bath and is nicely blocked and ready for a head to keep warm. This is a hat I had been keeping in my purse as a carry around project that got finished during recent air travel.

Pattern: 96 stitch slouched stockinette beanie with ribbed brim.

Yarn: KnitCircus RingMaster in a prototype skein called Four Seasons

Needles: US 6 for brim and US 8 for hat

I really just kind of knit this hat on the fly. I knit the ribbing until it was long enough and started the hat when it felt right. I knit until my ball of yarn was looking small-ish and then I worked a series of decreases similar to the sockhead hat decreases. It’s kind of a franken-pattern mash up of different ideas. I was working with a “seconds” kind of yarn that had knots. I pulled out all the knots and Russian joined the breaks. I really can’t see them in the finished fabric.

The crown decreases did come out a little nipple like at the very top. I haven’t decided if it bothers me or not. I can always throw a pom pom on it if I decide that it does. I used up about 155 yards of the 185 yard skein. So just about 85%. I’m guessing I could have eked out a few more rows before the crown decreases but I didn’t want to play yarn chicken. I tucked the leftover in my bin for a scrappy project or future hat repair.

I’m pretty happy with this finished item. I just need to decide if I’m going to keep or gift this one. Happy Knitting!!!

Cast On: Four Season Hat

It was so satisfying finishing my Modified Barley that was made in worsted weight yarn that I decided to put another worsted weight hat back on my needles. I pulled the KnitCircus Ringmaster skein that I got in their grab bag mystery sale. I still had my needles out from the last hat so I cast on 96 stitches and started working 2×2 ribbing in the round.

Well, I didn’t “just” start knitting. This skein of yarn was a prototype for their Four Seasons colorway and it had knots. I found four knots to be exact. So as I hand wound the ball I snipped the knots and used a Russian join to reattach the yarn to itself. My joins aren’t perfect but they will be smoother than the knots!

I pulled out my woolly hand knits and re-loaded my drawers for the Fall. I think I’m good for hats for myself. So this knit will probably go in the the charity or gift pile. It’s sort of machine washable so I feel comfortable setting it free into the world!

Happy Knitting!!

FO Friday: Modified Barley

As promised I snagged some better FO photos off of my parents front deck. They still have a ton of green foliage that isn’t long for this world but it sure made a pretty backdrop! This is my finished (and still not blocked) Modified Barley.

Pattern: (Heavily Modified) Barley by Tin Can Knits

Yarn: Plymouth Yarn Worsted Merino Superwash Hand Dyed in the Lipstick colorway

Needles: US 6 and US 8

Modification: A TON! I took the stitch count for the adult medium and knit the hat without the garter panel. And for length I knit until it looked good enough and just started decreasing.

I am pretty happy with the finished size because it will surely grow with blocking as superwash yarn is want to do. I can wear the hat slouchy or fold the brim up and have a more traditional beanie fit. I only used about 172 yards or 79 grams of yarn to make this hat. I have a decent sized ball left, maybe enough for a pom pom?

This is definitely going into the gift bin for Christmas. It was such a quick knit that it makes me wonder why I don’t knit in worsted weight yarn all the time! And I highly recommend the Tin Can Knits patterns for excellent size inclusive and schematics for sizing.

Happy Knitting!

A Special Request Revisted

Earlier this week I completed a very special request for any old friend. While she was thrilled with the results…I felt the need for a few tweaks

  • I knit a 2×2 ribbed brim instead of the rolled brim
  • I knit at looser gauge to give the fabric some stretch
  • I only knit half the required row for the “nipple” portion to make it less “perky” as one other blogger put it, lol

All in all I was happy with the results! Sorry for the i-Phone shots. I finished the hat late one evening in a rush to get both hats in the mail to Momma before she popped. I’m hoping she’ll send me some action shots once the wee one gets here.

I used a smidge more yarn on this one, 63.1 yards or 32 grams. And I made the thing in one night! Not bad for a quickie 🙂




A Special Request Completed!

Tah dah…my special request Breast Beanie is done!!! This is Stashbustin’ #35.


This hat was super simple and super easy. Only took a couple of hours over a few days. I opted for Caron Simply Soft for the durability and easy care. This wee hat is knit from the brim up and finished on DPNs.



I used 53.6 yards or 28 grams of Caron Simply Soft in soft pink and 7.6 yards or 4 grams of Caron Simply Soft in dusty rose. And the finished size is definately newborn to 3 months old. The fabric is pretty solid, but does have some give/stretch.



My only criticism is that the nipple portion is very pointy for my taste. And I don’t like the rolled brim. Just a personal style choice. I am going to cast on another version in white/pink. And I will make the brim in 2×2 ribbing and the nipple shorter. I think I will wait to see how that version turns out before I show the momma to be. Who knows…she may just get both!

Happy Knitting

Git R Done….Knitting Style

I AM DONE!!!! This made this balaclava my b*tch!!! This multipurpose project is finally a FO.


Introducing to you, Garter Stitch Chunky Balaclava/Beanie by Christine Grant. This has been one of the few patterns I have actually paid for. And for the most part it has lived up to it’s price.


I used Knit Picks Swish Worsted in Lost Lake Heather. I used 126 grams or about 278.3 yards of yarn. That is about 2 1/2 skeins of yarn.


I had a few bumps along the way with this project here , here, and here, oh and here!  But I managed to Git R Done (to paraphrase a certain Cable Guy)! This took me far longer to knit that it should have. But sometimes good projects have to have time outs once in awhile!



As you can see you can wear it as a beanie or as a balaclava. I kind of like the dual purpose of the project. And the yarn is a wool blend that will be very warm. Did you know that wool still keeps you warm even when it’s wet? How cool is that? I really hope this keeps my coworker warm this winter.

Oh and a big thank you to my husband who modeled for me after I was done knitting…..this last picture pretty much says it all, lol


Trying To Learn

I’m a knitter through and through but from time to time I see really awesome crochet items that I want to make. A lady should be able to both right?

I had some scraps of cotton left from my Sweet Cream Striped Raglan Cardigan, so I decided to try a test crochet beanie. I just picked a hook and my yarn and just started to improvise.


Pictured above is like my fourth attempt, lol. It’s wonky and ripples. The husband thought I was making a flower….


I must admit he’s a little correct. But I shall not surrender! I will get the hang of this crochet thing. I just might need my friend Kara to give me some pointers!

Any knitters or crocheters out there that swing both ways?

FO Friday: Two-fer

TGIF!! I have a two-fer FO!!!


My first beanie for Knitters Helping Knitters is done and I used up a partial skein from my stash! Thanks to the hubs for posing. I’m currently working on beanie number two and hoped to be done soon.


Finally, completed Stashbustin’ #11 is done!! After great feedback from you guys I decided to scrap the zipper. I picked up and knit the band on both sides. I didn’t knit it as wide as indicated on the pattern because I didn’t want the edges overlapping.


I’m very happy with this project. I proved to myself that I can in fact make a sweater!! I very much feel like a big kid knitter looking at my FO, lol. My Ravelry page has all the details if you need.

I may or may not be planning a longer and striped version of this construction in some more of my stashed cotton…

Happy Knitting!!