Growing Zen

I reached the next checkpoint in my Zen Yarn Garden Baby Blanket. I finished up the stripes and got into the solid red chunk that will be in the middle. I’m feeling pretty proud considering I had knit a partial blanket that was too small, ripped that back and started again, just to get back to the point I was at when I pulled it all back.

This bright pop of red is just SOOOO much and I love it. It really livens up the neutral quality of navy and black.

The semi-bad part is that I’m now solid on red section island. No stripe changes to keep my interest, its all just knitting until I run out of red yarn. We shall see how well this goes…..

Zen Yarn Garden Do Over

I might need to have my accountant card revoked. I had a terrible math fail. I had started my Zen Yarn Garden blanket awhile back and I had knit through three stripes. I was reading my pattern (like I should have done at the outset) and realized I have DOUBLE the yarn than the pattern calls for.

Now if I had kept going I would have a crazy skinny and incredibly long blanket on my hands. Not really what I was going for so I did some research on Ravelry. I found a couple of other projects where other knitters had close to my yardage. So based on their project notes and some math using my gauge, I ripped back my blanket and started over.

This time I cast on nine pattern repeats for a total of 144 stitches. I’m MUCH more happy with this version. Now I’m working through my navy and grey stripes until I use half of those colors by weight.

This squishy blanket just makes my happy and has been my therapy project when I sit down to knit after the kids go to bed. Usually I would snuggle and play with Dex and he would sleep near me while I knit. The nights have been hard for me now that he not with me. I find myself reaching for my knitting for comfort.

What would we do without knitting!?

Cast On: Zen Yarn Garden Chevron Baby Blanket

The 2019 Pigskin Party KAL hosted by the Down Cellar Studio podcast is in full swing now. I wasn’t able to do as much pre-planning this year as I have done for years past. I realized I had three major projects that were already on the needles that I don’t want to put into hibernation because WIPs don’t count for points. So I may not be as gung ho this year.

But at the very least I tried to get into the spirit of the competition by casting on a new WIP. I had been craving a big chunky blanket knit after I finished the Westport Blanket. So I went stash diving and found roughly 990 yards of Knit Picks Brava Bulky kicking around. The colors really do play well together with the true red, navy and grey.

I used the advanced search in Ravelry to look for bulky blanket patterns that used this yardage amount and that were completely garter. I wanted a nice BIG auto pilot project. I came up with the Zen Yarn Garden Chevron Baby Blanket by  Staci Perry of the VeryPink podcast and YouTube channel. I love listening to her every week so I went all in!

I cast on and quickly got to the second color. I think I will be true to the pattern and alternate the navy and grey with a solid chunk of red in the middle. This pairs nicely with the fact that I have three full skeins of the navy and grey and only one and a half skeins of the red.


My hands do get tired working on this large of needle and yarn. So I will probably work this one in bits and pieces to avoid injury. But I’m really pleased with the pattern so far and how the yarn is knitting up! And it’s been awhile since I had to work a chevron. It’s been nice dusting that off!

Happy Knitting!!

A Finished Snugbug

This sweater has been done for a bit but I haven’t had a chance to blog about it. Jellybean’s Snugbug is ready for winter!

Pattern: Snugbug by Taiga Hilliard Designs

Yarn: Knit Picks Brava Bulky in Red

Needles: 8 US

Size: 12-24 months

Mods: none 

Jellybean approves and even helps put it on before car rides! This was a crazy fast knit and only took about four evenings. I did get some laddering on the arms with the double pointeds that was disappointing. But Jellybean doesn’t seem to mind. I’ve got a ton of Brava bulky in my stash so Jellybean will probably get another possibly in navy. 

A Warm Solution 

So Jellybean is an active wiggling 15 month old and we are heading into the heart of winter. He has several jackets and coats but we never leave them on in the car seat for safety reasons. So that’s lots of on and off clothing wrestling with a marginally cooperative toddler in the bracing cold of the Midwest. I had a flash of inspiration…he needs a open cardigan much like the kiddy or momma vertebrae. Something to keep his arms/shoulders/back warm without anything on the front to interfere with the efficacy of the car seat straps!

Enter the Snugbug by Tiaga Hilliard Designs!

@Tiaga Hilliard Designs 

I pulled some Knit Picks Brava Bulky in red from my deep stash. I’ve already cast on and worked down to the armhole divide. I’m in love and may have to make more than one!  

Happy Knitting!!

Stashbustin’ #5: Antrose

I read too many knitting blogs for my own good, but sometimes I read about projects that I just fall in love with. Enter, Antrose by Shannon Cook

(Photo credit to Nicholas Kupiak and the Antrose Rav page)

My bread and butter when it comes to sweaters is a top-down raglan. I have a unique body shape and I like to try sweaters on as I knit. This way I can make alterations if I don’t like the fit. And this sweater is all that and more.

Top down with a reversible funnel neck. Lots of easy plain stockinette with great chevron details thrown in. Just enough to make you pay attention and not get bored. And worsted weight yarn should fly off the needles!

This will be my #5 stashbustin’ project for 2014. I have some Knit Picks Brava worsted in Dove Heather. A lovely cream/neutral color to be sure. I recently dyed my hair several shades darker and I have been craving some neutral pieces to set off my new hair.

Well, I’m off to swatch! Happy Knitting!

FO Friday: Nutmeg

Just in time for some seriously wintry cold weather here in Kansas! I give you a finished Nutmeg!



I knit this using Knit Picks Brava Bulky. Black may have been a poor choice as I spent 20 minutes with a lint roller getting this FO photo ready, lol. I have a white lab that sheds all year round! I used just under 7 skeins or about 922 yards of yarn. This sweater weighs about 680 grams and is seriously warm.



I find that I like the open boat neck of the collar. I did opt however to knit the sleeve ends and hem in garter ribbing rather than the rolled hem to match the neck. I just don’t like the rolling. I like my garments to stay down over my tummy. And oh the sleeves….I highly recommend anyone knitting this sweater to omit the K2tbl and use a K2tog instead on the left sleeve.

_MG_0285This sweater is seriously warm!! The finished fabric turned out pretty dense. It was 30 degress (Fahrenheit) on the day we took these photos and I stayed pretty warm, even without a coat. God bless wool blends!!!

Would I make this pattern again….maybe, but only if someone requested it. There are soooo many other sweaters waiting in my queue. And this one was quite vanilla. I think some challenges are in order for my next project!

Happy Knitting!!!

WIP Wednesday: Nutmeg

My Stashbustin’ #37 or my Nutmeg sweater finally has matching sleeves!


After yesterday’s sleeve folly, I worked all night to finish both sleeves. Gotta love the speed of bulky yarn. I chose to knit garter ribbed cuffs on both sleeves. It really provided a nice and neat finish to the sleeve and kept it from rolling



Now I just have to cruise along on the body section and I’ll be finished! I’ll work the same garter rib at the hem of the sweater. I still have 1 1/3 skein of yarn left so now worries about running out of yarn. It’s taken a turn for the cold here in Kansas so I’m itching to wear this sweater!!

Happy Knitting!

One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other

At my last post on Nutmeg, I was working on the sleeves. Seriously….one of these things is not like the other….

Sleeve #1 from my Nutmeg


Sleeve #2 from my Nutmeg


It might be hard to see in the pictures. But in real life….the decreases are NOT the same. Sleeve #1 called for K2tbl or knit 2 though the back of the loop. And I don’t know if I’m doing it wrong or it was supposed to be that way. But the decreases left raised bumps or visible loopy thing. They were raised enough to actually snag!

Now Sleeve #2 called for K2tog or knit two together. This decrease, while still noticeable, did not leave a raised bump or loop. Much prettier to my eye. So I’m going to finish up the second sleeve, put a lifeline in the first sleeve, and then re-knit the first sleeve to use the same decreases.

It’s not huge deal as these knit up pretty quickly. But still…AAARRGGGHHH! I’m becoming one of those knitters that has to have perfection. Life was easier before, lol

Happy Knitting!!

WIP Wednesday: Sleeves

My Nutmeg sweater or Stashbustin’ #37 is getting sleeves!!


I was swimming along the body section and noticed my yarn quickly disappearing. I decided to pause on the body and work the sleeves (oh the joy of interchangeable needles!) lest I run out of yarn.


I’m one sleeve down and quickly dispensing with the second. They are quite lovely and are giving me the tight fit I was missing on my Brick sweater. I am finding once again that I have to cut out a few pattern repeats on the sleeves to fit my shortish arms. I also opted for garter ribbed sleeve cuffs.

Now, when I’m done I will then work the remaining body either to my desired length or until I run out of yarn, lol. And I’m definitely going to use the garter ribs for the hem. I think it looks very sharp!

Happy Knitting!