Cast On: Zen Yarn Garden Chevron Baby Blanket

The 2019 Pigskin Party KAL hosted by the Down Cellar Studio podcast is in full swing now. I wasn’t able to do as much pre-planning this year as I have done for years past. I realized I had three major projects that were already on the needles that I don’t want to put into hibernation because WIPs don’t count for points. So I may not be as gung ho this year.

But at the very least I tried to get into the spirit of the competition by casting on a new WIP. I had been craving a big chunky blanket knit after I finished the Westport Blanket. So I went stash diving and found roughly 990 yards of Knit Picks Brava Bulky kicking around. The colors really do play well together with the true red, navy and grey.

I used the advanced search in Ravelry to look for bulky blanket patterns that used this yardage amount and that were completely garter. I wanted a nice BIG auto pilot project. I came up with the Zen Yarn Garden Chevron Baby Blanket by  Staci Perry of the VeryPink podcast and YouTube channel. I love listening to her every week so I went all in!

I cast on and quickly got to the second color. I think I will be true to the pattern and alternate the navy and grey with a solid chunk of red in the middle. This pairs nicely with the fact that I have three full skeins of the navy and grey and only one and a half skeins of the red.


My hands do get tired working on this large of needle and yarn. So I will probably work this one in bits and pieces to avoid injury. But I’m really pleased with the pattern so far and how the yarn is knitting up! And it’s been awhile since I had to work a chevron. It’s been nice dusting that off!

Happy Knitting!!

9 thoughts on “Cast On: Zen Yarn Garden Chevron Baby Blanket

  1. Looking forward to following your progress on this one.

    Do you have any tips for someone as far as how not to screw up “easy” chevron? I tried a project which should’ve been simple, and had to start/restart ten times to get past the third chevron row with the correct stitch count. I had to frog the thing but I’d like to conquer what should be completely doable! :/

    • I use stitch markers to identify each chevron repeat. This way I know I have a decrease on either side of each marker and then on the first and last stitch of the blanket. Then I’m really only counting to know where my increases are. And from time to time I still mess up and decrease away the extra stitch.

  2. Thank you. If I get brave enough to tackle chevrons again, I will try that! I had attempted something similar (it was a KAL, I had all kinds of suggestions but I may need someone eventually to show me in person, nothing worked well); it made me feel stupid that I couldn’t get into the rhythm or end up with the right number of stitches. Glad to know you struggle with having the correct number sometimes, too, though.

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