FO Friday: Zen Yarn Garden Baby Blanket

I’m so pleased to keep my FO train rolling! This week I finished my Zen Yarn Garden Baby Blanket!

Pattern: Zen Yarn Garden Baby Blanket by Staci Perry

Yarn: Knit Picks Brava Bulky in Solstice Heather, Cobblestone Heather and Red.

Needles: US 13s

Mods: Cast on 144 total stitches and worked extra stripe repeats. I also added fringe/tassels. My Rav notes are here.

I really wanted to use up every last inch of yarn and I had pretty decent sized balls when I bound off. So I thought…tassels! I measured and broke up my remaining yarn and added them to the points of my chevrons. This took the yardage of this blanket to 1,006 yards! I know the tassels are the most baby friendly but I can always remove them later. But for now I adore them!

I haven’t taken finished measurements yet but I have washed and dried this blanket. The above photo is taken on our king sized guest bed and it covers a good sized portion of it. Most of all, I’m just beyond thrilled to have over 1,000 yards of acrylic out of my stash and put to proper good (and washable) use!

Happy Knitting!!

One Last Stripe

I am getting SOOOO close to the end of my Zen Yarn Garden Baby Blanket. I only have one stripe and the bind off to go!

The last stripe is blue and I have almost a full ball to do it. I will certainly have leftovers and I have a small ball of grey and tiny ball of red left as well. My brain is thinking old school tassels on each of the points of the chevrons? Maybe not the most practical for a baby but would use up the last of yarn and give this piece a vintage feel.

I guess I could always add them and take them off later? Thoughts?

Halfway Done Zen

I feel like I need to do a little pat on my own back. I have powered through a whole metric ton of bulky weight knitting. I have reached the halfway point on my Zen Yarn Garden Chevron Baby Blanket.

I have used up just under half of the blue and grey yarn. And then I added in the middle color block of red. Instead of measuring these rows I simply knit until I ran out of red. This took just over 1.4 skeins of bulky red yarn out of my stash FOREVER….bwahahahaha.

I think the solid middle section in that pop kind of color really add to the color blocking of it all. And makes the blanket less sedate and more fun. It kind of blows out on camera but I adore it in real life.

And smart Rachelle decided to start weaving in my ends. I plugged on some episodes of The Good Place and went to town with my darning needle. I got all the loose ends woven but I’ll wait to trim them until after its washed and blocked. I only have four stripe sections left and this blanket will be done!

Happy Knitting!!

Growing Zen

I reached the next checkpoint in my Zen Yarn Garden Baby Blanket. I finished up the stripes and got into the solid red chunk that will be in the middle. I’m feeling pretty proud considering I had knit a partial blanket that was too small, ripped that back and started again, just to get back to the point I was at when I pulled it all back.

This bright pop of red is just SOOOO much and I love it. It really livens up the neutral quality of navy and black.

The semi-bad part is that I’m now solid on red section island. No stripe changes to keep my interest, its all just knitting until I run out of red yarn. We shall see how well this goes…..

Zen Yarn Garden Do Over

I might need to have my accountant card revoked. I had a terrible math fail. I had started my Zen Yarn Garden blanket awhile back and I had knit through three stripes. I was reading my pattern (like I should have done at the outset) and realized I have DOUBLE the yarn than the pattern calls for.

Now if I had kept going I would have a crazy skinny and incredibly long blanket on my hands. Not really what I was going for so I did some research on Ravelry. I found a couple of other projects where other knitters had close to my yardage. So based on their project notes and some math using my gauge, I ripped back my blanket and started over.

This time I cast on nine pattern repeats for a total of 144 stitches. I’m MUCH more happy with this version. Now I’m working through my navy and grey stripes until I use half of those colors by weight.

This squishy blanket just makes my happy and has been my therapy project when I sit down to knit after the kids go to bed. Usually I would snuggle and play with Dex and he would sleep near me while I knit. The nights have been hard for me now that he not with me. I find myself reaching for my knitting for comfort.

What would we do without knitting!?

Cast On: Zen Yarn Garden Chevron Baby Blanket

The 2019 Pigskin Party KAL hosted by the Down Cellar Studio podcast is in full swing now. I wasn’t able to do as much pre-planning this year as I have done for years past. I realized I had three major projects that were already on the needles that I don’t want to put into hibernation because WIPs don’t count for points. So I may not be as gung ho this year.

But at the very least I tried to get into the spirit of the competition by casting on a new WIP. I had been craving a big chunky blanket knit after I finished the Westport Blanket. So I went stash diving and found roughly 990 yards of Knit Picks Brava Bulky kicking around. The colors really do play well together with the true red, navy and grey.

I used the advanced search in Ravelry to look for bulky blanket patterns that used this yardage amount and that were completely garter. I wanted a nice BIG auto pilot project. I came up with the Zen Yarn Garden Chevron Baby Blanket by  Staci Perry of the VeryPink podcast and YouTube channel. I love listening to her every week so I went all in!

I cast on and quickly got to the second color. I think I will be true to the pattern and alternate the navy and grey with a solid chunk of red in the middle. This pairs nicely with the fact that I have three full skeins of the navy and grey and only one and a half skeins of the red.


My hands do get tired working on this large of needle and yarn. So I will probably work this one in bits and pieces to avoid injury. But I’m really pleased with the pattern so far and how the yarn is knitting up! And it’s been awhile since I had to work a chevron. It’s been nice dusting that off!

Happy Knitting!!

A Special Package



Stashbustin’ #6 or my Zig Zag Blanket is on it’s way to it’s new home!!

Some friends from college are less than 30 days to baby. I got a bit discombobulated with the new house and my last show so I didn’t get this in the mail as soon as I wanted. But I’m sneaking in under the wire. This blanket’s new owner is a fellow crafter and works mainly with crochet. So I know she will truly appreciate all the hard work that went into this blanket! I can’t wait to see what she thinks of it, and I can’t wait to meet their baby girl when she gets here!!

And I meanwhile am headed back to the big kid job this morning. I had a great week off and got almost all of my to-do list done. I need to grab a strong cup of Joe and hit the road or I am going to be late. It’s going to be a long day adjusting back to the daily grind…

Happy Monday!

WIP Wednesday: Baby Girl Chevron Blanket

Stashbustin’ #10 Update!


I’m in the second stripe!! This is the last of my WIPitis projects. And represent 4 skeins used from my stash. This was supposed to be fished by this coming Saturday for a baby shower….oops! But the baby’s not due until May and the mommy to be and I have been friends since we were 5. I think I’m ok!

I just have to keep knitting along. A few trips to rehearsal and some TV knitting time and I’ll have this project licked in no time! I’m in love with chevrons and making baby blankets out of buttery soft cotton.


My brain may or may not be buzzing with what my next bout of WIPitis should involve…

Happy Knitting!

FO Friday: Chevron Lap Blanket



Well, this Stashbustin‘ project is finally done!! It has been a little more than a month in the making. It may or may not have started out as a baby blanket.… But I kept working and working and after some friendly blogger advice it’s done now!! I used 12 skeins of yarn (9 from my stash and 3 I purchased to make the finished length I wanted). I have to admit that it’s actually a lap blanket. But I don’t care, I love it!! I am so obsessed with chevrons right now.




Being made of Loops & Threads Charisma this blanket is machine washable and dryer ready. So this blanket has had it’s first bath and spin in the dryer. It did fuzz up a bit both during knitting as the blanket sat on my lap and in the wash/dry. But to me it adds character and is the hallmark of a much loved and cherished hand knit. The pattern by the Purl Bee was amazing!! Not the first time I have made this and won’t be the last!!




I claim victory over this blanket of epic proportions!!! This blanket is destined for me. I might keep it in the car since my husband loves the A/C or it might be my couch blanket. If I leave it in the house….it WILL get covered in dog hair that never really washes out, lol. But I love my dogs and so it’s not their fault of course.

My Rav link is here for those who are interested. Happy Knitting to everyone and I’m off for a weekend of knitting fun! Should I start something new or work on one of my WIPs?

So many choices….



Sunday Morning Adventures

After getting much needed feedback yesterday on my “Where To Stop” dilemma, I made a yarn store run this morning. The husband was sleeping in after a late night of video gaming. I may be a yarn nerd but I married an extremely committed technology gaming nerd. My Chevron Blanket uses Loops N Threads Charisma yarn from Michaels. The store doesn’t open until 10 am on Sunday and I arrived 15 minutes early due to favorable traffic. I was amazed that I was not the first one there! I kid you not there were 8 to 10 cars parked and waiting for the store to open. Never under estimate the commitment of crafty people. I snagged my needed two skeins of yarn I needed to extend my blanket. I wanted three but the store was out of the royal blue (sad face). I did score some clearance Lion Brand Nature’s Choice Organic Cotton (happy face). I got out of the store before I put an even bigger dent in my pocket book.

Next stop was Sam’s Club. We needed supplies to stock up on before “Blizzard of Oz, part II”.  We got 10-12 inches of snow last Wednesday/Thursday in what they dubbed: The Blizzard of Oz. We are set for round two starting tonight and snowing through Tuesday morning. So far they are predicting another 10-14 inches. I picked up bottled water, food staples, and dog food in case we get snowed in for a couple of days. I have plenty of yarn to work through a hundred blizzards, but we’re not going to talk about that. Sam’s was packed and I ran into at least five people I knew. At least people are taking the storm seriously!

Last stop was Starbucks. A girlfriend gave me a gift card for baby sitting her baby girl so she and her husband could have some date night time last month. I don’t usually get Starbucks but I had the gift card and wanted to try their blonde roast. Again never under estimate the commitment of caffeine addicts. I had to park and go in because the drive through line was running 9 cars deep. Even with parking and walking I had my Venti Skinny Mocha’ Cafe in less than five minutes and back on my way. It was delicious by the way.

Having a little “me” time this morning was wonderful. I got to indulge my yarn addiction, my caffeine addiction, and get some chores done. Sometimes I just need to get out and about by myself to clear my head. I love spend time with my family and friends but I also like being independent. Now my husband has woken up and I am trying to convince him to take me for Thai food “because the storm is coming”, lol. Good excuse as any right?