One Last Stripe

I am getting SOOOO close to the end of my Zen Yarn Garden Baby Blanket. I only have one stripe and the bind off to go!

The last stripe is blue and I have almost a full ball to do it. I will certainly have leftovers and I have a small ball of grey and tiny ball of red left as well. My brain is thinking old school tassels on each of the points of the chevrons? Maybe not the most practical for a baby but would use up the last of yarn and give this piece a vintage feel.

I guess I could always add them and take them off later? Thoughts?

4 thoughts on “One Last Stripe

  1. What is the fiber? If it’s acrylic, think twice. I too made a baby blanket recently of acyllic using a three colored striped pattern. Like you, I thought to use up all the yarn, I’d add a fringe. Well after washing it the fringe shredded beautifully, creating a lovely fluffed wavy pattern, which was a nice accent. Where do you think the “shred” drifted off to….all throughout the blanket. Oh Boy,don’t do it; good luck.

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