Socks With Sarah Winner!

I was beyond excited to win in the #sockswithsarah giveaway. Her blog has fast become one of my favorites. From all the yummy fiber and yarn to her gorgeous chocolate lab (I’m a sucker for labs!)

Here is a little yarn p0rn of the delicious skein I won!



It’s Plucky Feet by the Plucky Knitter in the medieval color. I literally smooshed this yarn on my face the minute I unwrapped it. I might have to pet this one awhile before I knit with it!

Happy Knitting!

WIP Wednesday: Vanilla Striped Socks

We spent last weekend with Jelkybean’s grandparents do he got lots and lots of snuggles. And in between feedings I got some knitting time!

Because little ones require so much “stuff” when you travel I needed a small portable project. I pulled out my Vanilla Socks from my #sockswithsarah KAL project. Before Jellybean’s arrival I managed to complete the foot and the gusset on both socks. But I hadn’t turned the heel. Well now I have!


I knit my socks inside out but I turned one right side out to show you the stripes. I hadn’t worked on this project in sooo long that I had to go back and redo my pattern math, lol. I’m making the sock four stitches bigger than the largest size in the pattern.

I’m pretty in love with them! Now I just have the legs and cuffs to complete. Just a few stitches here and there right now. But they are growing!


Happy Knitting!

On Being Inside Out

In my last few #sockswithsarah sock updates I’ve had a few curious questions about the fact that my socks are knitting inside out. And I would I would share why. Two things:

1: I like working in what I think of “modified magic loop”. In other words I have two dpns that I use like two circulars or one extra long circular. I then have a third needle to work the active yarn. And normally the socks are right side out and the active stitches to be knit would be on the needle closest to my body.

2: I have very long fingers. And now I have developed pregnancy induced carpal tunnel in my hands/wrists. I couldn’t stand to work very long on my socks.

My local yarn shop owner overheard my problem awhile back. She had a nifty suggestion….turn the darned thing inside out!  


This allows the active stitches to be knit to be on the back needle. I’m still knitting…no purling. But the slight difference in distance allows my hands to relax more and my fingers to be less cramped. I’ve had almost zero carpal tunnel since switching styles. And when I’m done….I just have to turn the socks inside out 🙂

Not sure if this makes sense. Not sure if it’s a knitting thing or just something weird that works for me. But I had enough comments I wanted to share with the world. Sorry if the photo doesn’t help me elaborate the point….I’m about to turn the heel after completing the gussets.

Has anyone else every done something a little different to solve a knitting problem?

My Socks With Sarah Fibery Goodness

I’ve been following along the Socks With Sarah KAL. It has been a lot of fun so far and there is still time to hop on!

Sarah an awesome knitter and blogger. And there are some awesome perks to this KAL. Check out her blog for details….

Check out what I snagged!


New sock yarn from Cloudlover fiber . I CANNOT wait to get this treasure in my hot little hands!!

Happy Knitting!!

Now The Gussets

I’ve reached the gussets of my toe-up vanilla socks!20140706-160805-58085026.jpgI’m still working a basic sock with gusset heal over 64 stitches. I’ve had a bit of a problem with laddering in between my needles. I need to concentrate and pull my stitches tightly when switching needles. If I get distracted by a show or conversation I find my tension slips and I get ladders. Not that anyone will ever notice but me. Still terribly annoying…

I do love these lovely green colors. The short stripes keep me knitting along and moving from color to color. I’ve quite enjoyed the #sockswithsarah KAL this year. Have you checked it out?


WIP Wednesday: New Vanilla Socks

Here is my new #sockswithsarah KAL project. My sock prowess is in it’s infancy so I’m sticking with self striping yarn and basic toe up vanilla sock. Sorry for the inside out pictures. I just prefer to knit socks this way. 🙂20140629-121944-44384373.jpg



Pattern: Toe Up Sock with Gusset Heal

Yarn: Knit Picks Felici in Acquarium

Needles: US 0s

Size: 68 stitch sock.

I’m on my way to filling up my sock drawer. And hopefully socks are something I can keep knitting after jellybean gets here. At least when he/she gets a little older and my post zombie haze subsides, lol. Now if I can just get more consistent on my laddering problem…

Happy Knitting!

FO Friday: Toe Up Vanilla Socks

Happy 4th of July!!!

I’m taking a break from the fireworks and interminable Kansas heat to show off my latest FO. Last we spoke I had just completed the gusset for the heel. And lo and behold they are now finished!





Pattern: A 74 stitch toe up vanilla sock with a slip stitch heel

Yarn: Lorna’s Laces Soulmate in the Hawaii colorway.

Needles: US 0s dpns

These socks consumed 344.3 yards or 81 grams of yarn. They have some imperfections to those with a discerning eye. But I’m proud as I managed to churn them out in less than a month and they fit. I’ll take the lessons learned from this project and take them on to my next pair.

Don’t forget to check out the Socks With Sarah KAL page on Ravelry!

A New Sock

My Plain Rye has been languishing in my project bag as the weather has grown warmer. Definite SSS as I have finished the first one but only the cuff of the second. I have a hard time working on any project that I’m not “in love with” at the time. So to the back of the closet it goes!

I still have the urge to work on a sock and to keep up with Socks With Sarah. Eons ago I picked some actual fingering weight sock yarn: Lorna’s Laces Soulmate in the Hawaii colorway:20140531-215852-79132153.jpg

How gorgeous right? So I pulled this from my stash and divided evenly into two cakes. I even made sure that I started each cake at the same point in the color change pattern. I feel like a proper sock knitter! 🙂


I picked a vanilla toe-up sock with gusset heal that is a variation of a pattern by Wendy Johnson. I’m working a total of 74 stitches on US 0 DPN needles. The pattern was written for magic loop but I’m working using three needles.

I don’t know if this is “right” or “wrong” but since I have five DPNs I’m working the socks in a sort of two at a time fashion. Two needles per sock and the fifth to work the live stitches. I plan to work each pattern section (toe, foot, turn the heel, etc) for each sock before moving to the next section. Hopefully this helps me produce two matching socks and avoid SSS, lol.

And as a pleasant consequence, I don’t have much of a laddering problem between the needles as I only have two needle changes (instead of the four I had with my Rye Socks). And I’m knitting the first stitch on each needle twisted and making sure to pull tightly. This is helping me to create a more even fabric. Check it out!

P.S. I’m TOTALLY in love with these colors. Really helps me power past the tiny yarn on tiny needle problem I usually face with socks.


WIP Wednesday: One Sock Down

My #sockswithsarah progress has been slow but progressing. I finally finished my first plain rye sock.


I’m using Knit Picks Swish Worsted in Squirrel Heather using the Rye pattern by TinCanKnits.


And to avoid SSS or second sock syndrome I’ve already cast on the mate!

Are you following along with Socks With Sarah?