Now The Gussets

I’ve reached the gussets of my toe-up vanilla socks!20140706-160805-58085026.jpgI’m still working a basic sock with gusset heal over 64 stitches. I’ve had a bit of a problem with laddering in between my needles. I need to concentrate and pull my stitches tightly when switching needles. If I get distracted by a show or conversation I find my tension slips and I get ladders. Not that anyone will ever notice but me. Still terribly annoying…

I do love these lovely green colors. The short stripes keep me knitting along and moving from color to color. I’ve quite enjoyed the #sockswithsarah KAL this year. Have you checked it out?


9 thoughts on “Now The Gussets

  1. I really need to cast on another pair of socks. I’ve been keeping a skein of sock yarn in the basket beside my bed, and petting it rather than casting it on πŸ˜›

  2. I don’t get ladders because I move my needles around. I just need to keep track of where the start of the round is. But every 5 rows or so, I just just stop a few stitches short or knit a few stitches from the next needle onto the current one. It’s easier if you are using the magic loop method and circs, but I also do it with dp’s.

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