2013 Knitting Wrap Up

Being a consummate accountant and OCD organizer, I dearly love spread sheets and logging things. And thanks to the help of Ravelry and MS Excel I did a pretty good job of tracking my 2013 stashbustin’ efforts!

I didn’t set any goals or benchmarks. I simply knit what I needed to and wanted to. Then logged my activity. When it comes to knitting I have a hard time working on things that don’t speak to me or suit my mood. I don’t stick to deadlines or project lists very well when it comes to knitting. Hence my many cases of “start-itis” during the year.  Here is what I accomplished.

  • Attempted 59 Stashbustin’ projects total.
  • Completed 50 projects, frogged 3 projects, and sent 6 projects into hibernation/time out
  • Knit 20,287 yards, 60,860 feet, or 11.57 miles of yarn
  • Used up 148.63 skeins of yarn

Now on the flip side, I did add a little yarn to my stash…okay maybe a lot.

  • Purchased 19,992 yards, 59,976 feet, or 11.36 miles of yarn
  • Added 142 skeins of yarn

So I netted out 295 yards, 884 feet, or .21 miles down in “stash”. Roughly 6.63 skeins, lol! In my defense I really feel that over the past couple of years that as my skills have expanded, my taste in yarn has changed. I liken it to the drying of ones palette when you are a wine drinker. So even though I added back to my stash, I did so with better quality and finer yarns. I am getting rid of the “cheap” stuff and replacing it with “good” yarn.

How will I do in 2014? I don’t really know. And I don’t care, lol! I simply like to knit and just see what happens!!

15 thoughts on “2013 Knitting Wrap Up

  1. How did I do? I think I’m glad I didn’t do the yarns in/out measurement. My spinning puts we waaaaaay over. I don’t even need a calculator to tell me that.

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  3. Hope you don’t mind me linking to your post. Your destashing impressed me so much I was inspired to try it on my bookshelves!

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