Casting On: Bits and Bobs Blanket

Next up on my blanket train is a blanket lot of bulky acrylic in vaguely Christmas-ish colors.

The black skein is a partial skein so I think I will split it equally in half and put between the red and purple. But I’m feeling good about this lineup. I think this is just enough yarn to make a nice car sized lap blanket for my grandmother.

I do have white on one side and grey on the other but I think it will make it quirky blanket. I plan on using my trusty 10mm or US N hook and just working my self taught kind of weird half double crochet. It goes quickly and really busts through my stash! I seem to have all the blanket mojo right now, lol.

Happy Crafting!!

1 thought on “Casting On: Bits and Bobs Blanket

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