FO Friday: A Couple of Sweaters

Wahoo!!! My sweaters are done!

I give you Stashbustin’ #30 or Little Coffee Bean sweater #1


I used Knit Picks Dishie cotton and this first one is made in the 6 mo size. I chose to knit a solid body with the collar and bands in accent. I ended up using 85.5 yards or 45 grams of the Creme Brûlée (yellow) and 180.5 yards or 95 grams of Jay (blue).


And by popular demand the blue buttons won!

And Stashbustin’ #31 or Little Coffee Bean Sweater #2


For this sweater, I used the same pattern but knit a 12 mo size to use up the rest of my yarn. I also followed the instructions and knit the stripes. I used 104.5 yards or 55 grams of Creme brûlée and 199.5 yards or 105 grams of the Jay.


And the yellow buttons were the obvious choice!

Two more stash burning projects in the books and three less skeins in my craft room! Not to mention two more adorable FOs for my emergency baby gift stash!

Happy Friday!!

Setting The Color

I was worried about bleeding on my Little Coffee Bean Sweater. I didn’t knit a test swatch (bad knitter) and I haven’t washed two colors of Knit Picks Dishie together.

A couple of other bloggers recommended a vinegar bath to set the color. So while I was trying to decide my buttons, into a vinegar and water bath it went!!


I used a white bowl so I could see if the water turned color. And after a nice soak… bleeding!! So I gave this a good rinse with plain water after its soak.

I’m still going to give this sweater a final bath and blocking after buttons to finalize the shape. But I feel much more secure knowing my blue wont turn my yellow to green!

Have you ever had a project bleed?

Coffee Bean #2

While I am deciding on the buttons for my first Little Coffee Bean Sweater, I couldn’t keep my needles silent. Now that I was comfortable with the construction of this garment, I wanted to try the color stripes the pattern is written for. And I had enough Dishie cotton to make another sweater.

So here is Stashbustin’ #31! I have already divided for the sleeves and I am working down the body.


In interest of reducing the number of ends to weave in ends, I am not breaking the yarn at each color change. Since I only work two rows for each color, I decided to “float” the non working strand down the side. So far it’s working pretty well. And since I will go back and knit the button bands, my floats will be hidden on the wrong side of the fabric….I hope…


Looks pretty good to me so far 🙂

I am running lowon yellow, here’s hoping I can finish! My sleeves may have to be solid blue. Just going to roll with the punches with this one.

WIP Wednesday: Little Coffee Bean Cardigan

How adorable is this already!? This sweater is turning out to be everything I hoped so far!


I have knit all the raglan increases and divided for the body. I am making the 6 month size and its going very quickly.  I may or may not have babies on the brain 🙂

I am using Knit Picks Dishie cotton yarn. A fellow knitter remarked how odd my choice was for the project. But having three nephews I know how hard kids are on clothes, so what better than hard working dish cloth cotton for a hard wearing sweater? Plus I have a boatload of it in my stash and need to find ways to use it, lol.

This free pattern is quickly coming up my rank of quick and easy baby knits to crank out for last minute gifts.

What’s your favorite go-to baby project?


Stashbustin’ #30: Little Coffee Bean Sweater

Earlier this year I made a Mud Season sweater designed by Elizabeth Smith (The Brown Stitch) and I LOVED it!!

Then I saw this….



(Photo from elizknits / Elizabeth Smith Rav page)

This is the Little Coffee Bean Sweater from The Brown Stitch. I already have so many things in my WIP pile but I just couldn’t help it!!! I have some amazing Knit Picks worsted Dishie Cotton in my stash. I have two skeins of Jay (blue) and one skein of Creme Brulee (yellow).




These are my old high school colors and so I am partial to this combination! I plan to stray from the pattern a bit. I am not going to work the alternating stripes as shown. I am going to do yellow button bands and collar with a solid blue body. Maybe a yellow stripe in the middle of the body? What do you guys think?



This is a top down raglan construction cardigan. This construction is the first sweater method I learned and it’s quickly becoming old hat. I love it!!  I’m making the 6 month size. I can’t wait to finish this one 🙂

And so, this little amazing sweater is now my Stashbustin’ #30!!!