FO Friday: Half Double Crochet Dosh Cloth Set

I needed a simple and quick project for an impromptu zoom knit night. Normally I would grab socks but I got a wild hair and grabbed my crochet hooks and a ball of Lily Sugar N Cream.

I started with the dishcloth. How many stitches did I chain? I have no idea I just did my version of half double crochet until I got a cloth that looked square adjacent to my eyes. I still had meeting time and cotton left. So I held the yarn doubled and knit a long rectangle. I then folded it and seamed it into a dish scrubbie.

Now I’m left with a dish set of sorts. Not sure if this will go in my kitchen drawers into the kids play set. But it got one ball of kitchen cotton out of my stash and turned into a useful item

Happy Friday and Happy Crafting!

Throwback From Wayback

My parents recently did some furniture shuffling to give Jellybean his own bed in the den when we visit. Kid has been camping out on air mattress since he outgrew their crib. (Not that he minds). And this put a bee in my mothers bonnet and she started cleaning. Well she unearthed some treasures!

She found my sister and I’s old potholder weaving loom. And it still had a project sitting on it! This has to be no less than 15-18 years old because I think we put this aside before my sister and I started high school??

Jellybean and I sat down to play with it and we decided to finish the potholder. It was right up my four year old’s alley as it was a great way to help him learn patterns and sequences.

After a bit we had a finished potholder with obvious tension problems but functional none the less! Jellybean was super excited and put the pot holder to work in our play kitchen set. And I made a note to get a better hook to weave with, especially for the finishing.

And I actually have two looms, the plastic one with the project on it and then a wood and metal one pictured above. I need to look up some YouTube refreshers but I’m thinking (hoping) that maybe Jellybean and I can do some side by side crafting over the winter? Time will tell…

Happy Crafting!

Mitre Progress

Germs are once again invading our home. This time it’s a stomach bug, blargh. I guess this is what you get once you have a child that touches/licks/eats everything in sight. We are on the mend but during the worst of it I managed some knitting while holding a sick little Jellybean.

I was unhappy with my first attempt at the mitered square for my Cousins Mitered Square blanket. My travails are logged here. I went down to size US 5 needles and got to work. I also used a firm cast one (long tail cast on) to start the first square. I am much happier the fabric is firmer and squishy. I also knit the first stitch when I remembered. There are few stitches I slipped due to muscle memory and good TV. But those I can hide with the next square. I also did some YouTube research on picking up the bumps. Not to shabby if I do say so myself!

 Now I’ve only like 16 more squares to go….

Happy Knitting!

Dreaming Of Spring Colors

I am dreaming of spring. In Kansas that usually means lots of wind with an extra side of wind. But the colors are tugging at my heart strings. Deep in my stash are several balls of  Bernat Cottontots Solids that is now discontinued. I really enjoy this yarn for baby projects. And I have been hording this yarn…but no more!

I’m going to cast on the Cousins Mitre Square Baby Blanket. It’s modular and join as you go. So it’s perfect for instant gratification and making decent progress on a larger blanket. The only thing is that I’m not sure I have enough yarn in the various colors to knit the colors as the pattern has laid out. But I know I can make something work. I have pink, white, yellow, brown, light blue, and teal. I’m thinking of doing the pink with the white, the yellow with the brown, and finally the teal with the blue. Or plan B will be to just make solid squares of each and play with laying out the colors. I know I will be using the teal as the border as I have the most of that.

I’m not making this for anyone in particular just for the joy of using this yarn.



A Baby Sophisticate

It’s still pretty darn cold here so I’ve been snuggling Jellybean in hand knits. His reaction is priceless…


Not sure what I did or said to provoke this face….but when I saw it I laughed till I cried. Parenting win for sure!

This is my Baby Sophisticate #4. I didn’t add the button holes or button instead opted for an open cardigan. I made this for a friend and she returned it after her baby bear outgrew it. Now it’s keeping my little one warm. Proof that well made and well cared for knits can be passed down and down!

Happy Knitting!

WIP Wednesday: Jellybean’s Bunting

I had a lot of yarn left from Jellybean’s blanket and I wanted to add some more special touches to the nursery.

I cruised Ravelry and came across this pattern, A Bunting Fit For A Queen by Vero Pepperrell.


Photo copyright: @Vero Pepperrell

It is originally written for fingering weight and I have worsted weight. So my triangles are just going to come out bigger is all. I’ve already cast on for the first one! Gotta love the instant gratification of quick knits. I even dug some fancy ribbon out of my sewing box to hang these babies!


T-minus 5 weeks to Jellybean…Happy Knitting!

Houston, We Have A Blanket

I finished the last bit of Jellybean’s blanket and got the whole mess into a bath!!


A CRAZY amount of lint came off this blanket. Not surprising as my lap was covered with lint as I knit. Now I have it stretched, flattened, and drying in the basement (with the help of a fan)! I’m hoping to begin crocheting the border tomorrow night!

Happy Knitting!

WIP Wednesday: Jellybean’s Hexi-ghan

I only thought I was done….


My blanket for jellybean is just slightly off of a square. I know it will stretch some when washed and blocked. But I really want more of a long rectangle.

Argh, that means at least one more row right when I thought I was done. Must knit faster… Only 5 weeks to go!

Happy Knitting!!!

FO Friday: Everlasting Bagstopper

Happy FO Friday! I have finished my Everlasting Bagstopper!!



The knitting was really really fast. Just about a week of evenings and one weekend. The pattern is easily memorized. Here are the details:

Pattern: Everlasting Bagstopper

Yarn: Lily Sugar N Cream Cotton in yellow

Needles: US 5 and US 10 1/2

Straps: I picked up some yellow grosgrain ribbon with white polka dots as I had no desire to knit straps, lol.20140531-215558-78958682.jpg


I used approximately 266.4 yards or 155 grams. This was about 2.2 skeins of yarn. I have oodles of this cotton hanging out in my stash and this was a GREAT stash-busting project! This would be a pattern I’d definitely repeat, especially for a quick gift knit.

Happy Friday!


False Starts but Eventual Progress

I have blogged about my desire to knit Jellybean a baby blanket before. I initially as going to use some Bernat Cottontots (a sadly discontinued yarn) from my stash. I pulled all my skeins from my stash and played with color combos. But given the yardage requirements for each hexagon….I just couldn’t come up with plan I was in love with. False start #1

So I hit Ravelry trying to see if I could grab up some Cottontots solids from other Ravelers. I must have sent out 10 message and got zippo in responses. People really want to hang on to this awesome yarn and I don’t blame them! So I expanded my horizons and took a look at Bernat Handicrafter Cotton. I was able to snatch up three mega skeins from a wonderful Raveler who was de-stashing. I eagerly waited for the package to get here! But once I got the yarn in my hands as wonderful as it was… wasn’t the colors I had imagined. And I just couldn’t bring myself to compromise on color. False start #2

So finally I hauled my ever expanding pregnant but down to my LYS. I’m ashamed to admit that despite opening in March….I hadn’t set foot in it yet. The shop is charming in style and the staff very friendly. But I was very disappointed with both yarn brand selection and color options.  The yarn was segregated by weight but it didn’t always have the same brands from weight to weight. But as a businessperson/accountant I can understand keeping stock to a minimum until you get a feel for what sells. Especially given the small space they have. But my inner knitter was a little miffed, lol.

But I digress. I didn’t walk out empty handed. I found some Universal Yarn Cotton Supreme. It’s 100% cotton but has a very soft hand. I ended up choosing a tan, pale green, teal, and bright yellow to match my crib decor. I was in love at first squish!

And it knits up beautifully! Check out my progress: