Dreaming Of Spring Colors

I am dreaming of spring. In Kansas that usually means lots of wind with an extra side of wind. But the colors are tugging at my heart strings. Deep in my stash are several balls of  Bernat Cottontots Solids that is now discontinued. I really enjoy this yarn for baby projects. And I have been hording this yarn…but no more!

I’m going to cast on the Cousins Mitre Square Baby Blanket. It’s modular and join as you go. So it’s perfect for instant gratification and making decent progress on a larger blanket. The only thing is that I’m not sure I have enough yarn in the various colors to knit the colors as the pattern has laid out. But I know I can make something work. I have pink, white, yellow, brown, light blue, and teal. I’m thinking of doing the pink with the white, the yellow with the brown, and finally the teal with the blue. Or plan B will be to just make solid squares of each and play with laying out the colors. I know I will be using the teal as the border as I have the most of that.

I’m not making this for anyone in particular just for the joy of using this yarn.



5 thoughts on “Dreaming Of Spring Colors

  1. Cottontots is one of my favourite baby yarns too. I have a few partial balls tucked away for toys or small projects. Good luck with your blanket!

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