Goodbye Winter, Goodbye Handknits

Warmer temps seem to here to stay and I haven’t really been wearing my woolens. I did my annual cleaning of the handknits. I washed and dried all my sweaters, cowls, and socks and carefully tucked them in plastic bags. We do from time to time get moths so I don’t mess around. These are all my hand knits tucked carefully in plastic bags in my thrift store cedar chest.

I have to admit that looking at this makes me sad that I can’t wear all these goodies any more but also sorta proud that I have a hand knit stash waiting for next fall!

Happy Knitting!

7 thoughts on “Goodbye Winter, Goodbye Handknits

  1. I guess there’s one (and only one) good thing about getting snow in April-you can still wear your hand knits…though, I’ve created more open work hand knits so I can wear them a little more throughout the year. I’m sad looking at your stash too, but also jealous. One day, I will have that many handknits;-)…

  2. I am still getting use of the woolens and I live in Southern Indiana! My house seems to be too cold to give them up, so I will continue until the last possible moment. And shawls stay out well into spring here, even though we seem to bypass Spring and go straight to Summer!

  3. I’m in Maine, wrapped in a woolen Pi shawl, wearing fingerless mitts made from the Pi leftovers, with warm woolen socks on my feet and I am freezing! Gotta love Spring. It will be a while before I put things away, and the socks might not get put away at all, as mornings can be chilly all summer long.

  4. What a great present for the Autumn! Although we remarked last night that so far this Spring in Michigan has been colder than the start of Winter was last year. So I’m still wearing my woollies to keep warm!

  5. You’re ahead of me! I’ve got my winter accessories and heavy sweaters washed and cedared (it is too a word!) for the season, but it’s just not consistently warm enough yet for me to trust the light sweaters.

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