Sock Surgery

When I was tossing my bin of hand knits I found a bag of socks that I had stashed away like three winters ago. I remember that I took these out becuase they had some sort of problem. But past Rachelle left NO NOTES, lol.

I took some time to try them on and deduce why I pulled them from sock rotation. I ended up with one pair with a too tight bind off and two pairs where my afterthought heels were too small and the socks slid down my foot.

I’m going to fix the blue/purple socks with a better bind off. I am fairly certain these were my first ever pair of socks from indie dyed “special” sock yarn. I want to keep them in my drawer.

The two pair that are too small have no sentimental value as they are Knit Picks Felici and some Dove Roving yarn that bled. These two pairs will find new homes with someone with smaller feet….possibly my sister. Feels very freeing to make decisions and move some items out of the “to do” pile!

Happy Knitting!!

Cleaning and Packing

Coming off the Zen of a full week off from my day job, I decided to toss all my woolens and get them ready for summer storage. Which resulted in this hug messy pile…

With a little help from Jellybean we sorted all these into baby knits, hats, shawls, blankets and “other”. All items were inspected for any wear/tear or critter damage. If they passed muster than we put them into vacuum bags and sealed shut.

All these happy woolens are now safely tucked into my cedar chest or cedar scented drawers. This was not the most fun job but I feel really accomplished after it is done, lol.

Happy Knitting!!

Goodbye Winter, Goodbye Handknits

Warmer temps seem to here to stay and I haven’t really been wearing my woolens. I did my annual cleaning of the handknits. I washed and dried all my sweaters, cowls, and socks and carefully tucked them in plastic bags. We do from time to time get moths so I don’t mess around. These are all my hand knits tucked carefully in plastic bags in my thrift store cedar chest.

I have to admit that looking at this makes me sad that I can’t wear all these goodies any more but also sorta proud that I have a hand knit stash waiting for next fall!

Happy Knitting!

Cold Snap

Baby it’s cold outside! We finally dipped below freezing in the last couple of days in Kansas. No snow though 😦

Despite the lack of snow, I got to put on some of my warm (and stylish) hand knits. It’s a ruffle scarf knit from Starbella Flash yarn, Rav link here.


And grab some delicious coffee to stay warm. My office always has fresh and hot coffee every morning…


I found this ceramic mug with rubber lid at a clearance Easter sale at Hobby Lobby. It’s easy to clean and keeps my coffee hot hot! Couldn’t live without it.

T-minus 14 days to Christmas and I can’t wait! Hand knits always put me in the holiday spirit!!

Happy Knitting!