Snow Pretty

We are gearing up for another round of winter weather this weekend. But I thought I would show you some of the beauty from the last snow storm. This one was pretty mild in my area and fell mostly over night.

It was a nice wet soft snow that literally blanketed everything in sight!

But yet didn’t make travel too terribly bad. The streets cleaned up nicely.

But best of all, it was perfect snowman snow for Jellybean and the hubby! Jellybean says his name is “Snowy”, lol

Happy Winter to everyone!!

It Is Upon Us


The storm is upon us! I got up and tried to get to work (being one of the few businesses still open) I had the road to myself. Problem was visibility…I couldn’t see anything in front of me! I called my boss and asked permission to work from home.

Now I have a cup of coffee at my husbands desk reading morning reports. I hope to finish these soon so I get get some good snow storm knitting done!



It’s snowing sideways at 2 inches per hour. But my pantry is stocked and (fingers crossed) we still have electricity. I hope everyone has a safe and happy Thursday!