A Blanket Itch

I have been using my DK Habitation Throw in the evenings a lot. I made it from scraps earlier this year and it was so fun. I have been fighting the itch to cast on another one. I finally tipped over the edge when I found my Teal Torch Knits minis from last Christmas’ advent calendar.

They came in a full spectrum rainbow in 12 minis, so I used my swift and ball winder to wind them into two equal cakes of six colors. I used a loose knot to connect the colors but I will russian join them when I get to the actual knitting. I also spied some leftover Suri Alpaca that I might work into the blanket. I’m considering using it a separation between the rainbow colors OR holding it double with the sock yarn on just the eyelet rows to provide some visual interest. I have some thinking to do on that one.

This project is living in my Cherry Pie Cottage project bag that is the most perfect summer theme of mermaids and ocean creatures. Probably going to be as close as I get to the beach this year!

Happy Knitting!!

Animal Antics

My latest knitting craze coupled with my husbands new job has left the pups in our house very put out. Neither of us is home during the day and it gets dark early here in Kansas. We haven’t even been able to get to our park runs very regularly either. I think they have cabin fever….


Dex has been pulling out ALL his toys and blankets and leaving them EVERY WHERE. Let me tell you it’s a joy to find the sharp edge of a nylon chew bone on the way to the bathroom with your bare foot at 3 am. I can’t blame the poor pup for being cooped up this winter, but he’s wearing on my nerves!



Good thing he’s cute otherwise he’d be in trouble! I wish everyone a very happy Friday! Don’t forget to have a little fun, TGIF! The pups and I are going to have a long walk and then a dog biscuit scavenger hunt in the house!!