Teal Torch Knits 12 Days of Christmas

Man….January is getting away from me!  I opened a box on my office desk at home and saw the beauty that was my Teal Torch Knits 12 days of Christmas advent. I haven’t been able to put it away since opening the last box because I just love it so much!

This was my second “advent” calendar of 12 minis. I didn’t have the budget on hand this summer to buy a full 24 skein advent from any one dyer but I did manager to sleuth out two 12 skeins advents for less than price of a full one. And boy did this one not disappoint!I keep smelling the soak and having to hid the stitch marker from my children.

Teal Torch Knits dyed their 12 day advent to be a rainbow. And not just any rainbow but a rainbow with speckles!! I have zero ideas what to knit with this one. Someone recommended the Fuss Free Festival Shawl by Louise Tillbrook. But I think I need more time to marinate on this choice.

Any good pattern suggestions from out there in blog land?

8 thoughts on “Teal Torch Knits 12 Days of Christmas

  1. Hey, happy new year! I cannot tell you how much I enjoy your blog; you’re a great writer & talented knitter! Not sure if this is your thing, but the ‘Scrappy V’ patyern on Rav is designed for minis/scraps-a rainbow Tee might be cool? https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/scrappy-v it’s such an utterly stunning set that it would be fun to showcase. Another option might be the Rainbrioche Shawl https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/rainbrioche-shawl which again would showcase the rainbow, though you might need a neutral skein or two to provide the reverse colours so you could stripe the rainbow as MC. I’m pretty sure ravelry did rainbow projects as their ‘eye candy’ feature within the last year or so (probably pride month?) So might be worth having a look at that too. It’s so cool-enjoy!

    • I like the Scrappy V but I haven’t been brave enough to learn brioche. I’m not sure I have enough brain cells left to learn a new technique after my kids use up all the grey matter with fart jokes and constant requests for snacks

      • I honestly don’t know how you remember your own name, let alone manage to knit the beautiful things that you do! I’m not a mother, but I have a much adored 3 year old niece, and on the days I care for her I don’t manage anything else. It’s hard enough popping to the loo or cooking her lunch! I start at 7.30am when my sister leaves for work, and by 10am I’m completely exhausted-and there’s still the whole day to get through!! I am in utter awe of you and every other working mother. You’re amazing! That said, so much fuss gets made about brioche and it really is so easy-literally all you do is knit or purl but each stitch has a yarn over with it. That is all it is, I taught myself in 10-minutes off YouTube. Totally understand if you don’t have the brain space but it might be quite fun if you ever get the chance. I hope you find the right pattern for your beautiful colours and that you enjoy your day

      • Knitting and this blog are my happy place. It’s my self care that makes me a good mom and employee. I think I might go insane without my internet knitting buds!

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